1. M

    insert row into multiple tables

    Hi all, I have a worksheet that I set up with 47 tables I need to be able to insert a row above the last line of each of table and copy formulas, cond. form. but not values. I have a code but excel has to reference it 47 times and in turn it takes for ever to complete and it copies cell format...
  2. J

    How do I sort things in the right order when events happen at the same time

    I need to find a way to sort each line by Column A and then by Column D. The problem is that some events happened at the same time. The idea is to provide a timeline of each Incident Number in Column A. How can I get excel to know that if the timestamp is the same, the line that goes first is...
  3. M

    return reference if in date period and 'yes'

    So I have a table with a list of loads of different references with dates assigned to them and also 'yes' or 'no' assigned to them. I need to return the reference numbers if the date is in a specific period and they have 'yes' assigned. Example <tbody> Date Ref Status Jan-Mar 2019 & Yes...
  4. J

    microsoft excel has stopped working.

    It always happen when I closed the excel and open it again by clicking the assigned macro
  5. J

    Gantt Chart Project Job board

    Hi all I am trying to create a spread sheet version of a project/ job board our job board look like this. Month: September Week Commencing Date: <tbody> Engineer List/Assigned to Engineer List/Assigned to Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Andy John Tesco...
  6. N

    Return the Value of One Cell only if a Different Cell Contains a Key Word

    Hello, I'm trying to use a contains criteria to pull a time stamp to a new cell. I have tried everything I know. Below is what I'm working with. I'm trying to take the time stamp in the first column and put it in the last column but only if the middle column contains the word "Alerting"...
  7. D

    Excel Query

    Hi, I’m not sure if anyone can help me? I’m trying to write an excel query and have gotten completely stuck. Scenario I’m wanting to write a query that looks at data and gives a response based on the data it queries. It’s actually for fault finding fixed assets for lighting. If we have...
  8. T

    VBA Assigning workload evening to available users

    Hello, I'm trying to work on creating a spreadsheet that will automatically assign cases to available users evenly (Assigned user goes in column A) For the attached example I have 217 cases and 13 available users. I need items assigned out as a priority as follows: Cases with "Late...
  9. B

    All graphic objects have lost their assigned macro

    I was performing some edits today ... creating a new macro for a worksheet to run when that sheet is activated. Strange thing occurred ... I noticed that a graphic object on that sheet that had an assigned macro no longer functioned. I right clicked on the graphic object and noticed that there...
  10. R

    How to use a graphic font

    I have a font which has graphic symbols that I what to use in Excel. The font works perfectly in Word, but in Excel it displays the font letter instead of the symbol that is assigned to that letter in the font file. How can I get Excel to display the symbol that is assigned to that letter?
  11. S

    Lookup value from reversed columns and rows

    Source table <colgroup><col><col span="5"><col></colgroup><tbody> tine 2 tine 2 tine 2 Hitte 3 Hitte 3 Hitte 3 PM assigned WO assigned Task assigned PM assigned WO assigned Task assigned 18-May 6 1 0 48 0 0 19-May 6.5 1 0 48 0 96 20-May 7 1 12 48 48 64 21-May 7.5 7 12 24 80 2.56...
  12. S


    assuming there is a team of 3 employees named a, b and c who have to be assigned a task as shown below. They have to be assigned task in the same sequence as it comes. i.e. First task to a, second to b and third to c (the last person), when the fourth file comes it has to be assigned again to...
  13. S

    "Round Robin" ticket assignment queue

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has any VBA laying around that can help me build a ticket assignment queue. I'm trying to create a "round robin" ticket assignment queue that will keep track of tickets assigned to individuals. There needs to have the ability to skip names if their cell is shaded red...
  14. J

    Macro assigned to bottom

    Have a bottom in my workbook. I want to identify which macro has been assigned to the bottom. I right click it and say assign macro....however this is not the macro which is assigned to the buttom...
  15. L

    Excel Running out of resources - maybe you can help?

    Maybe my sheet is inefficient but what i am trying to do is have a task list scheduling tool. Basically I have a list of 30K tasks that can be assigned to various team members. Each task has a certain amount of time allowed and a start and end date. If a task takes 5 hours and we have the...
  16. M

    Minimum acceptable value with solver

    Hello! I'm using solver for stock portfolio optimization. The solver changes weights to achieve maximum expected return. I have set the following constraints: The portfolio should consist of at least 5 stocks (out of 10) and maximum weight assigned for one stock is 30%. In this case the solver...
  17. H

    Change date Time Stamp to 8:00 AM based on critieria

    Hello All, Is there away to change my time date time stamp to 8:00 AM. The reason im doing this is I'm trying to get the the amount of minutes it takes for an engineer to contact a customer. For example Assigned time is 1/3/2019 7:45 AM, but i cannot use this cell for my calculation because...
  18. I

    Excel 2013 Nesting IF functions???

    I am working on a Separation of Duties Form and I need a way to highlight or strike through a name if it is showing in multiple columns (Duty 1, Duty 2, Duty 3). The Form has 3 columns. The goal is if a name (Karen) is assigned in all three columns then we would like either a strike through her...
  19. angeloudaki

    Assigning multiple values as an IF function

    Ok, not sure if I am asking way too much of Excel here. If I have 50 numbers, each of which are assigned a date e.g. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 1 31-Dec-18 2 07-Jan-19 3 14-Jan-19 4 21-Jan-19 5 28-Jan-19 6 04-Feb-19 </tbody> And I have a table/dataset in another tab...
  20. A

    Deleting all shapes (except 2 rectangles that have macros assigned)

    I have written a macro to draw many on shapes on a sheet, plus another to delete the shapes. I have then assigned the macros to two button on the worksheet but unfortunately my macro to delete the shapes also deletes the macro buttons. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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