1. H

    coping data based on specific Crieria

    I have descriptions in Col I. where a/c 95915, 95925, 95950 are in Col G, I want the descriptions that are in the same row in Col I copied to Col H only for these account numbers <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px...
  2. P

    VBA assistance to check values aren't duplicated for a specific block of data

    Hello, I am looking for some assistance on trying to come up with some VBA code to check that an ID number isn't repeated for a particular block of data. The data block sizes can change though. Here is a sample of the data. <tbody> B C D E 23 1000 x x 02022018092900 24 2100 x x PG001...
  3. D

    Incrementing cell in sheet references

    Hi all, I"m looking for some assistance in referencing cells in another sheet. I have inherited a workbook that has a sheet ('original') of approximately 60 measurements in 3 different columns (C, F, H). I would like to be able to create a new sheet which lists these measurements in one...
  4. M

    Assistance required

    Hi all I am into horseracing and download results via a program which someone did for me, the thing I would like assistance with, is when the names get downloaded they are have in brackets following the name the country where the horse is bred.,but when I do a search it can miss some because of...
  5. S

    First and Last Name Column Separation

    I have a column that shows employee name in following format: last name, first. I would like to create 2 new columns whereby one is for last name, the second for first name. Appreciate the assistance!
  6. S

    Coutifs/sumifs and populating with yes or no

    Firstly many thanks for taking the time to read. In cell K2 I want to count the number of times the phrase “Grade 7” appears in column M8:M200 but at the same time if this phrase appears in column M I need column R8:R200 populated with the word “Yes” and “No” if it doesn’t. Most grateful for...
  7. E

    Need assistance with a VLOOKUP

    Hi all, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I cannot get this vlookup to work. For reference, I'm using Excel 2016 for Mac (which I quietly suspect might be the issue but maybe I'm just being defensive!). What I'm trying to do is return a text string associate with an account code. Here's...
  8. E

    Increasing the size of the drop-down box

    Hi there, I am working in excel 2016 and wondered is it possible to increase the size of the drop-down box to match the size of the list in the box or even to make it bigger than it already defaults to? Or is it a pre-set size and can be adjsuted? Any assistance would help and save me...
  9. I

    Switch Row/Column Button in Data Group of Chart Tools Design Tab Greyed Out

    This is driving me crazy because I have instructions to do this, but no matter what i do to try and resolve it nothing is working. I've googled this issue and apparently others have had the same issue, but was never really able to get help. I know somebody from community will have experienced...
  10. H

    Macro to convert dates to dd/mm/yyyy

    I have imported data that appears as yyyy/dmm/dd for eg 2017/10/31 in Col L on sheet Sales Data I would like a macro to convert these to format dd/mm/yyyy for eg 31/10/2017 Your assistance is most appreciated
  11. W

    Searching many text files for a string

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums and my first post is a question post, sorry! It's nice to meet y'all! I am stumped on how to do this, any assistance would be appreciated. I have a folder containing 50-200 text files. In my excel document, I need to return a count of how many times a...
  12. F

    Searching multiple worksheets and extracting data on new worksheet

    Hello, Need some assistance with VBA. I have never tried with multiple worksheets as well as having duplicative values in worksheets. What I need is to search across three worksheets in the workbook for a specific phrase or value and have it returned on another worksheet named Results. There...
  13. C

    AutoFill Macro Assistance

    Hello Everyone! I would appreciate assistance on a Macro I am working on. I added Column D, into which data will be concatenated from Columns A, B, and C. I would like Column D to AutoFill with the Concatenate Formula in Cell D2 until the last cell of Column D that corresponds with the last...
  14. T

    CountIFS Assistance Please

    I have this formula which returns a correct result: =COUNTIFS(E0!BP2:BP2910,">2.5",E0!AZ2:AZ2910,">2.2",E0!AZ2:AZ2910,"<2.7") When I substitute the exact criteria with a cell reference, with the same criteria in, I get a 0 =COUNTIFS(E0!BP2:BP2910,">A4",E0!AZ2:AZ2910,">B4",E0!AZ2:AZ2910,"<C4")...
  15. W

    VBA row insert coding assistance

    Hello. I am new to VBA coding and have never worked with creating a Macro prior to this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have a Excel sheet that is named Flight Log Tracker and I would like the sheet to automatically insert a row when the value in AU column is "Y". The...
  16. Kentetsu

    Quick formatting question

    Hi, So, in cell B2 I have the number 13. This is a calculated field, so that actual content of the cell is a Sum formula. All I need is for that 13 to appear as 0:13. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing comes out right. Doesn't seem like it should be this hard. Thanks for the...
  17. P

    Using a wildcard in Sumprooduct

    Hi The following formula works fine: =SUMPRODUCT((Master2!P2:P5000*Master2!X2:X5000)*(Dashboard!B47&A1=Master2!A2:A5000)) However I'd like to add a wildcard as below: =SUMPRODUCT((Master2!P2:P5000*Master2!X2:X5000)*("*"&Dashboard!B47&A1&"*"=Master2!A2:A5000)) Would appreciate any assistance...
  18. sdruley

    Compressing a Range

    I have a range of numbers that go from 2613 to 2645 and I want to reduce this range to 2625 to 2633. Is there a mathematical technique to do this and still retain the same relative structure of the numbers. The data follows: <tbody> <colgroup><col width="142"></colgroup><tbody> <!--[if...
  19. H

    Conditional Formatting Problem

    I have a value in C22. I would like to highlight the items in Red in F22:K22 using CF where the values are < than in C22 Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  20. E

    Trim a date

    Hi there, I have a long list of dates as presented in cell A1 below and would like to 'trim' it to only show the year in cell B1. Any assistance would be gratefully received as the list is very long! Regards Ben <colgroup><col width="35" style="width: 26pt; mso-width-source: userset...

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