1. A

    Excel Pivot-table with constraints

    I am having difficulties completing an assignment, completing a pivot-table with constraints. Could anyone offer some assistance? I could email, I don't see where I can upload documents.
  2. P

    Pivot Table FILTERS sorting options - Excel 2013

    Hello All, I would like to ask for your assistance on how to sort the data in the FILTERS section of an Excel 2013 pivot table. It looks like it's sorting in the exact order it lives on the source file but I need it to sort differently in the pivot filter drop down window in order to make...
  3. H

    VBA Row Number Adjustment

    Hi, I have had help in earlier threads but kind of caused confusion with what I was asking so I started a new thread to properly ask for assistance. I have created this macro below which has accomplished my desired task of copying data from one workbook into another, however, I need to figure...
  4. E

    Using Watermarks in Excel 2016

    Hi, Is it possible to have the watermark, in this case "DRAFT" permanently showing in the worksheet rather than just coming out when the worksheet is printed? Any assistance would be gratefully received. Regards Ben
  5. H

    VBA Code to close adobe reader

    I am looking for code to close Adobe Acrobat reader via Excel if open I would appreciate any assistance to do this
  6. P

    There must be an easier way!

    Hello, My client put together this worksheet which helps him track his investment portfolios. I made a few transaction entries myself and found the process to be counter intuitive at best. If there is an easier way I would appreciate your assistance. I can provide more info if required. Thank...
  7. H

    Excel Search Assistance

    I have 600 rows that have unique names. I've created a search function that highlights the name from the search box, but I'm seeking assistance for excel to go to the highlighted cell row. Currently, I have to scroll down to the highlighted row from the search. Any assistance is appreciated.
  8. M

    Excel help

    Hello, I am currently working on a project and I am in need of excel assistance. I have a sheet that has a lot of client data (e.g. name, date of assistance, reasons for seeking help). In another sheet, I am gathering data with regards to all clients. For instance, I want to know how many...
  9. B

    Countif Else?

    Hi, I have a column of values which are either R, A or G. I want to search the column(range) and if any cells contain R to return R, otherwise if any cells return A to return a A otherwise to return G. I want this is one formulae which I can place in a cell. Any assistance would be greatly...
  10. T

    Convert Hijri to Gregorian date

    Hi, I have a database for our fleet documentation e.g. expiration date of registration, MVPI and Insurance. Our statistical assistance made an entry in hijra date for each field, e.g. 10/6/1437 We have almost 500 entries for each field and we try using the b1 format to convert it to Gregorian...
  11. C

    Type in a name and it lists their manager.

    Hi, I'm trying to set up some function that will allow me to type in a colleague's name and it pulls up his or her manager. Appreciate any assistance in this. Thanks you. :)
  12. H

    Summing Data with Data

    I have data in Col F from row 2 as follows 31 Days 45 Days 65 Days 39 Days Etc I will like a formula to average these Your assistance is most appreciated
  13. 4

    Date and Time Response Times

    Good Morning, Could I please ask for your expertise in assisting me with a query I currently have. Without the use of macros. I have created an incident tracker that captures the service requests my team action on a daily basis. Incidnets are received via email and then logged into our CRM...
  14. S

    How to replace a cells value with the result of its formatting

    I have formatted cells as dd/mm/yyyy. However this does not mean the cell value itself changes, it is merely the formatting. How can I turn this formatting into the cell value itself?
  15. S

    Need to remove space before text in every cell

    In every cell in one of my columns, there is a single space before the text begins. The text inside the cell varies however in word length (does this make it harder to resolve?). Eg: Marie Marie Jane Marie Jane and Clark Kent Could someone please put together a formula for me...
  16. S

    Need formula to split names/column

    I have a column with names in it. I need to split them into two columns, however I can't use Text to Columns because the names are all formatted differently: <tbody> John Smith John & Melinda Smith John Harold Smith John Harold Abel Smith </tbody> The above example needs to look like...
  17. S

    Need formula to split column

    I have a column with mobile phone numbers as well as landlines: 0403920493 02 9345 9483 93545493 I need a formula to split up the mobile numbers and the landlines. It could either work by: - First splitting off the numbers that begin with '02', then apply another formula to split...
  18. S

    Personal Trainer Needing Assistance For My Business!

    I need some help with my excel spreadsheet and HOPING that someone hear can help me out. So I am a personal trainer and have recently started my business. I have around 50 clients and with that number constantly increasing, I need to have a seamless way of updating my excel spreadsheet to work...
  19. T

    Help with Microsoft Solver - list of data

    I am well experienced with complex Excel VBA and formulas, but just can't seem to get Solver to work the way needed. If anyone has a good tutorial, tips or site to recommend, please share. Problem: There are two independent variables that determine an output over time. Date Acct...
  20. T

    Looking Up a Particular Cell and Values Before and After

    Hi everyone, New to this forum, but had an Excel issue I was running into and wanted some feedback from the gurus. I have an Excel file (A) that has a key identifier as the first column (Column A) and the specific month/yr on it as the second column (Column B) and I want to match this file...

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