1. JEH105

    IF, OR, VLOOKUP function not working with asterisk wildcard.

    I can't seem to figure this one out. I use this formula to search in other tables for multiple types of values. It always works like a charm, but, this year I've added two new categories "P-8" and "T-8" (the number 8 can range from 1-8, hence why i'm trying to use the asterisk) and it's not...
  2. K

    Limiting * wildcard when using Like patterns

    I'm abstracting data from large text cells, sometimes up to 600 characters long. Within the text I am searching for patterns matching like T#, N#, M#, saving this into a string, and the recording the numbers for t n m in their own columns. Frequently these patterns are typed differently though...
  3. E

    How to change a checkbox if checked to an asterisk when printing in excel?

    Is it possible to change a checkbox, if checked, to an asterisk only during printing in excel? But if the checkbox is not checked then it would print normally as an empty checkbox.
  4. N

    Add asterisk to string with number format

    Hello, Is it possible to add the asterisk sign to string of text with the custom number format ? i dont want to concatenate the string with the asterisk just format so in the formula bar the asterisk will not exist.
  5. B

    Sort a range of numbers (including an asterisk) with an asterisk as the lowest

    I have two columns of data. The first is a count of respondents. The second is the average score for those respondents. I need to sort the second column into numerical value, highest to lowest. So far, so simple. The area I am having an issue with is that if the number of respondents is less...
  6. JTL9161

    Left & find

    I am using this formula =LEFT(AI5,(FIND("*",(",AI5)-1)) to take the text from left to the asterisk which works fine (Text * gives me Text) Now I have text that looks like either of these: Text * (text..etc) Text (text..etc) How do I modify my formula to first find the * but if no asterisk...
  7. M

    vba code to split cells that contain "*" and do nothing with cells that do not contain "*"

    Hello, This is my first post here so I hope it will go well. I have learned to write macro's via the internet which is based on copying and adjusting codes that i find on forums like this and this works perfectly fine. However I am stuck on a certain point right now and can't seem to get it...
  8. R

    Separating Characters with Asterisk

    I have an excel workbook that uses VBA and user-forms that my end-users can submit maintenance requests for machines and spare parts. The cell that contains the manufacturer part number submitted needs to have an asterisk placed between each character in the cell. For instance: the mfg part...
  9. stovvy

    Copying, then deletion of value dependent on another cells value

    I can find similar posts on the forum but not exactly what I would require. I have exhausted all of my slim knowledge in both Excel and VBA in trying to complete the task so please is there someone out there who can help? I have a spreadsheet and in column B2 it would show a numerical value...
  10. I

    Adding asterisk to a value in column under certain criteria

    Hello. I am wondering how I would add an asterisk to numbers in column A only if the numbers in column B is in between two values? Thanks in advance for your time! That’s the basic question. I’m creating a stats table and need to add one asterisk if a value is in between .05 and .011; I would...
  11. M

    Adding text to a cell text entry using Format Number?

    I have a column of cells that contain a single text character (A-Z). Some of these entries have a special significance and I want to identify them with an asterisk (eg: A*). However formulas in many other cells reference cells in this column and just typing in an asterisk causes these formulas...
  12. M

    Delete row if cell contains an asterisk symbol

    Sub DeleteRow() A = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row For i = A To 2 Step -1 If Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(i, 6).Value Like "***" Then Worksheets("Sheet1").Rows(i).Delete End If Next End Sub For some reason the code above deletes all rows. I am only trying to...
  13. Nayasoch

    Find Bold letter and add ** Before and after each bold letter of entire paragraph in Word

    Hello guys I need help with Ms word, where I have entire paragraph....I am looking for any vba code to add ** before and after each bold far I have Sum AsteriskText() Dim keepSearch As Boolean keepSearch = False Selection.Tables(1).Columns(3).Select Do...
  14. Felix_Dragonhammer

    Using Wildcards in SUMPRODUCT

    I have a formula as follows (adapted from a post on this fabulous forum) =SUMPRODUCT(--(LEFT('[Sales Current Week.xlsm]2014 Retail'!$C$145:$C$196, 5)="13**2"), '[Sales Current Week.xlsm]2014 Retail'!AE145:AE196) What I'd like it to do is sum sales in column AE in which the corresponding SKUs...
  15. J

    Using Sumproduct to do Maxif with non-numeric values in series

    Hi All, This is my first post so aplogies if I have messed up anything. I have searched for answers but can't find something sprecifically addressing this issue so if someone can help me out with this it would be much appreciated. First, here is a sample dataset: <TBODY> 1/1/2014 31/1/2014...
  16. L

    Mixing formulas, with a twist

    Hey all, I'm trying to look at the last character in a cell and determine what it is. If it's an asterisk (*), I want it counted. So I assume that's some blend of countif and right, but the hangup is the length of the characters in the cell can vary; some are ABC123, some are AB123456, etc...
  17. L

    Countif but ignore numbers AND specific character - the asterisk * symbol

    Hello, I am trying to count a range of mixed cells. I use the "*" symbol in my cells to add emphasis to the cell when I am looking through them. I only want to count the cells that contain TEXT characters (representing names) - but I do not want to count cells with numbers only OR numbers +...
  18. M

    Excel Vba Autofilter

    Basically i am doing a search, where a user selects an option from several lists and then using autofilters the search is performed on those selected items. The problem that is arising is that i have a "don't know" option in the lists, which means that when this is selected i still want the...
  19. S

    Wildcard when Cell Value Contains asterisk

    I am trying to look up cell values using the wildcard and I want to use the wildcard before the criteria. However the data I'm looking up has an asterisk infront of the values: *cup * cup It doesn't look to see if "cup" is at the end of the values. It just searches for *cup and doesn't show...
  20. F

    Delete row starting with an asterix

    I am trying to write a macro that would delete a row if the first character in column A is an asterisk. None of my attempts work. (using the left function in VBA and searching for ~*) <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> When I search for an...

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