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    VBA Help: Save & Rename Attachment with File Name & Yesterday's Date

    Hi all As post title states, I am trying to write some VBA code that will save & rename Outlook attachments with the attachments filename along with yesterday's date. The attachments all have a string of 16 characters (date & time as numbers) at the end of each attachment. I wish to remove...
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    Attach multiple files to Outlook email from a 'filtered' list.

    I have a list of customers with their invoice data (one customer may have one or more than one rows of data). I have assembled a macro from multiple codes to filter out the customer (basis on unique email address) and send them a dunning letter with their account statement and invoice copies...
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    excel vba send mail attached dynamic filename by date format

    Hi all, I am new in VBA, I am trying to attached those files in a folder which their filename start with date format (eg : yyyymmdd_filename1.pdf, yyyymmdd_filename2...etc ), is it possible to attached the file with correct date? says when I run the marco today, it will attached the filename...
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    File Attachment Field

    Hi All, I am trying to add an attachment field to a form in Access 2013. However when I add the field to the required form I cannot attach a file, I click in the box and there is no paperclip icon etc. to attach file. I can do it in the datasheet view by double clicking the field in the backend...
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    Macro Error - 0 Messages Sent

    Hi I'm trying to send an email merge using a macro to include attachments - Sub emailmergewithattachments() Dim Source As Document, Maillist As Document, TempDoc As Document Dim Datarange As Range Dim i As Long, j As Long Dim bStarted As Boolean Dim oOutlookApp As Outlook.Application Dim...
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    Have Excel email attachments using Outlook Express

    I am using Excel 2002 and I am trying to use VBA to just create and send an email with an attachement (which is a PDF file). I know I have used Lotus Notes and can send any file type I want, but now that I am trying to use Outlook express I can not get Excel to send anything except for an opened...

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