1. D

    Sending Multiple Attachments

    Hi, I am trying to send multiple attachments on an email. I am using the following code to send a single attachment however I would like to send all the attachments located in Column C on a sheet named "ITEM INQUIRY LIST" With OutMail .To = Range("P8").Value .CC =...
  2. B

    Drag and drop Outlook email into Excel Userform to capture email details and attachments

    Basically I am trying to see if this is even possible. Taking an email and dragging it over some userform object such that when the user lets go it captures information from the email such as a unique ID of some sort and the attachments ( I am going to extract these and save in another...
  3. J

    Email Attachment VBA Help!

    Hi all, I have the below vba code from However I would like only to have the FileCell.Value to be the filename, and have have the File Path and File Extension hard coded into the VBA as this will never change. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help, here is the...
  4. G

    [Question] Post with attachment

    Good Morning. I have created an example excel file to post specific questions but I do not have permission to upload any attachments. Can anyone tell me how to upload an attachment or gain authority to do so? Thank you.
  5. L

    Create Email from Excel by Row with Attachments Based on Recipients Matching in Each Row

    Hello, not sure how to best title this, but I have a sheet from which I loop through each row and create an email for each row. Attachments are based on the Division name. Currently, it creates an email for every row, so if one person under Name has, say 8 divisions, they will receive 8...
  6. S

    Exclude embedded attachments from .Attachments.Count variable?

    The .Attachments.Count variable seems to include the embedded attachments in an email, such as images in the HTMLBody. Is there a way to only include actual attachments? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. V

    Use VBA to attach document from referenced cell to email through Outlook

    Hi guys, I am trying to send an email automatically from excel 2013 using VBA, the email is successful, however, I am having trouble getting it to attach a document from a referenced cell. I would like it to attach the document that is linked into cell B9. The following code is what I have...
  8. M

    Outlook VBA to auto-save attachments

    Hi All, Some help please. I'm trying to write vba code that runs on new emails that are already in a shared mail box or arrive at that same shared mailbox. The emails will have a specific subject such as "Output for PS2 model" in the subject line with a crucial difference being that part of...
  9. S

    Save attachments from Outlook and rename

    I want to create a script to save the all attachments in current folder. and renaming with below Folio and Guia. Folio....... 12345 Emisor.... XXXJMXKXJXUMX RFC........ UDIXKXDYWJ Fecha..... 2017-09-21T15:33:58. Guia..... ME088265. Result should be 12345_ME088265.
  10. A

    Open EML file and extract attachments with separate pst

    I have some code that opens eml files and extracts the attachments. This works fine, but when I run the code from more than 1 desktop/server, I get an error msg. This is because they all try to use the same pst file that gets created on my network by outlook. I am working in a citrix...
  11. R

    Formula Stays as text on cell

    Hello guys, I have a formula =INDEX(Data!A:A,MATCH(EC!F85,Data!B:B,0)) on my worksheet. I know I can copy and paste the formula all the way down the workbook but I am trying to write the formula in another cell; once I do that the formula stays in a text state instead of going to #N/A. Anyone...
  12. J

    Export .PDF Attachments

    Hello, I have a database that stores attachments (not too many - 150 total). I am not familiar with VBA code - I only know enough to be dangerous. I've heard there is a way to export all my 150 .PDF attachment to a directory on my C:/ drive. My database name: Property Information Database...
  13. J

    VBA code for Outlook

    Hi, I am struggling with creating a macro, which could be used in Outlook. Basically, I would like a macro to search through Inbox, Sent emails and all sub folders in order to search for attachments. In case there are some emails with attachments added, macro will move these emails to specific...
  14. S

    Excel VBA to find Sub Folder Level 3 and Save Attachemetns

    Hello. I got the bulk of what I want done, but I can't quite get it there. The code I have works (from my research is called) Level 2 in outlook. Example: 2. And this is great but what I really need it to do is have it work at Level 3
  15. P

    Attach a link from worksheet to an email

    Hey guys, Currently I have a code which can attach the current worksheet to an email as a pdf. However now I would like it to also attach the links which are present to the same email. Can anyone give me some help on this one? Or is it even possible. Please help
  16. P

    Multiple Email Attachments not wanted

    Hi Everyone I have a code that works pretty sweet except it attachs multiple attachment to one email. i would like it to attach each new file to a new email and send via range below. Can anyone help?? Many Thanks Pete Sub EmailTechProgress() Dim Source As Range Dim Dest As Workbook...
  17. G

    Outlook VBA rule to search email attachements and move the emails into a folder

    I would like to ask you if you could help me with the following. I want a rule in my Outlook to search the email's attachement for a specific word/words and in case it finds the word/words, it will move the email to a specific folder. As far as I know this is possible only using the VBA because...
  18. N

    Excel VBA Email Attachment Using OFT Template Stuck in Outbox

    I run this macro from a file that I have stored in dropbox. It creates 40+ emails and works flawlessly at my office, but each time I have run it from my laptop it creates the emails, but the emails are stuck in my outbox until I open them up, individually, and click on the send button. Both...
  19. V

    Adding an Attachment Error '3251' Operation is not Supported for this Data Type of Object.

    I'm trying to add an attachment to a field "SDS" in my table "ChemicalLibrary" When I'm adding a completely new record to the table it works perfectly (the first half of the code below). My problem arises when I'm trying to update a record in the table and add an attachment. Below I'm trying to...
  20. K

    Mail Merge with Multiple Attachments

    Hi All, I know how to create a mail merge from word document with custom fields incorporated throughout the body of the email. The method I follow is described in the link: I need to make additions to have one more attachments...

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