1. T

    Running a query on a Table of Attachments for Reference

    I'm trying to set up a query that references a table of attachments. I have many fields that I want to associate with images or CAD files. I've set up a table that includes a list of fields from various tables that I can search with a query to get more information. (I'm open to other suggestions...
  2. AndyTampa

    Can an Excel Macro open Outlook attachments?

    I've searched the forum but can only find references to sending workbooks as email attachments in Outlook. What I want to do is the opposite. I have to create reports from other reports that I receive in email. Those source reports are generated by a proprietary application overnight after the...
  3. A

    CDO attachment question

    Is there any way in the world to send an attachment using CDO with the attachment as a variable instead of the full file path? My problem is that where I am using my save-and-mail script the users machines will not allow them to save a file on the C:\ drive but that is the only place I can...
  4. K

    Email Macro with Active Sheet as body of the attachment ... AND ... .pdf attachment

    Help! I'm working to create a macro within Excel 2007 that emails (via Outlook 2007) the contents of a single worksheet within the body of an email ... AND ... attaches a .pdf file to email. I'd rather not create a new email if at all possible. Below is the code I'm using to create the email...
  5. M

    declaring variables

    Hi, apologies as i am a self taught user of VBA and never quite got to grips with declaring variables. I am trying to run the code below to send a feedback survey out as an email attachment. When i run it i keep getting a compile error "user-defined type not defined" and the second variable...

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