auto fill

  1. larinda4

    VBA: Fill Columns until Blank Cell in Another Column

    Hi guys, I have my code below. I need to "auto fill" my formulas in cells H2:P2 down until it hits the first blank row. Unfortunately, the code I'm using will auto fill until the last row used in the sheet. I have inserted a blank row between data where I would need the code to stop. I have it...
  2. A

    Copy formula to last row

    Is there a simple VBA code that will auto fill my formula in the current cell to the last row containing data?
  3. A

    Auto-fill Textbox based on Selection from Multiple Combobox

    Hi !! I have this code I have been using which fills up a textbox dependent on a selection from a combobox. Currently I have been trying to modify it to be able to fill the textbox based on the selection from the combination of 2 or more comboboxes. For example, if I have: ComboBox1 = First...
  4. S

    Auto Cell input

    Hi, Any help with the following problem would be greatly appreciated. So I have 2 seperate workbooks (not sheets) 1 & 2). Workbook 1 <tbody> Job# Serial code job1 T123 job1 AW5566 job2 T100 job3 T101 job3 T307 job3 T308 job4 T123 job4 AW5566 job4 T200 </tbody> Job...
  5. V

    Auto suggest and fill

    Hello Forum Members, I need some help how to get an order form prepared. I have a worksheet full of data. In column A all the product names, col B has all the colors for each product available, col C has all the variations. Each on different row. I want to have another sheet where I could start...
  6. R

    Populate & maintain client worksheets from a host worksheet

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to go about populating and maintaining client ws's from a host, or master ws of data? The table below is what the master worksheet will look like and contain. I need to figure out how to auto-populate / maintain: In a CS1 ws the details about Project 1 &...
  7. S

    Complex Question

    Hi, I have created a spreadsheet in excel. It will contain the following columns: Date Performed Employee # Last Name First Name Temp Y/N Dept # Dept Name Position I would like to eventually convert this spreadsheet to a table, but for now it is...
  8. D

    Autofill or auto suggest in textbox

    Hello everyone i have created a userform AND now the issue is i need a code TO autofill or autosuggest text in the textbox, for example if i have already entered text 'JOHN' and next time if i type J it should suggest me JOHN. is there any vba code for that pls help me as i need to submit my...
  9. B

    how to fill web form trough excel Data

    My Name is Balu in my offilce i do every time Copy the (42rows) excel data to paste website form fields This is the Web site Image This is the Excel Data sheet
  10. D

    Autofill/ Auto Complete.

    Good morning all! so my question is about auto fill I'm not sure if this is even possible or not, but what i have done was built a basic tracking log for personnel on a job site i am on. basically i open a blank one every day and save as and add new date. my columns are listed as such across...
  11. S

    fill handly, auto fill problem

    Hey, I'm working on a sheet for my university. Everything is working fine now, but i cant use the fill handle/ fill data option of Excel the way i want to...
  12. C

    Auto fill in rows based on cell values

    Hello guys, Looking some help in excel formula (not macros). I have group of units based on their sizes. e.g. type X=2 units, type Y=1 units, Z=3 units and so on filled in excel as below; <tbody> A B 1 X 2 2 Y 1 3 Z 3 </tbody> so based on the value in column B as above, I want all...
  13. C

    Transferring data in recurring patern

    Hello, forum. I have an excel sheet with time-series data for several items, where each row represents a different year. Something like this: Item Var 1 Var 2 ... A 5 10 A 6 10 A 8 20 B 1 33.7 B 2 29 B 0 24 ...
  14. C

    Auto Fill individual excel forms for each name on spread sheet

    Hello, I have a list of people that need to be sent letters. I have already created a form that will poplulate the letter based on the information input manually. I would like to take it to the next level but auto popluating the letter but pulling information from the data provided in a spread...
  15. K

    If cell 1 and 2 contain x and y then reference z

    Working on a travel spreadsheet in Office 2010 1st tab that I will insert State and City, that will need to auto fill another cell on that row with daily allowance * number of days cell (also on in that row) 2nd tab has reference information in each ROW. Oh yeah and in the city and state...
  16. E

    Weird or custom auto fill series problem?

    I have been racking my brain on this for weeks and got precisely no where so I wonder if any of you guys may be able to suggest something. I have a complected spreadsheet using multiple pages with various formulas pulling all the data together. I have simplified my problem here but on one page...
  17. C

    I need to do a thing.

    Guys and gals, I'm going to try to keep this as simple as possible for you. I need to do something for work that will make everyone at work love me. I can't begin to try to explain to Google what it is I'm looking for, so here I am. My first thread post for any site. Ever. I have two vertical...
  18. R

    Auto Fill Rules

    I am trying to set auto fill in Column L. L1 I have =f1, L2 I have =j1, L3 I have =f2, L4 I have =j2. I want this to continue down the L's but the auto fill wont work. I want it to progress =f1 =j1 =f2 =j2 =f3 =j3 =f4 =j4 and so on. Instead it is jumping cells. How do I fix this?
  19. R

    Autofill Question

    Hi. I use Excel 2010. I want to write some code that will look at the cell in column A. If the cell is not blank, then the column B value will fill in with the current date. Is there a way to just write the code to get the current date to autofill downward in Column B until column A is blank...
  20. F

    Use Check box to auto fill in cells

    I currently don’t have any experience with using the check box function so I am looking for so I'm biting the bullet and asking for some help! I have 3 check boxes in G5 one of which is call "N/A". What I would like to do is: If the "N/A box" is checked then cells C5, D5 and E5 will auto fill...

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