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    Combining two tables into one master table

    Hi there I am currently in the process of trying to set up a master table based upon two tables I already have and to formulate a code that will allow any new data added to the two tables to copy into the master table. All tables are in the same workbook and are set out as follows: Sheet one =...
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    Macro Drag Down Help

    Hello people, I'm stuck with a spreadsheet I'm trying to do. I've put it in place for someone else who is even worse at computers than me, Columns C,E,G etc... (alternate columns) all update automatically to a certain extent. I'm up to row 38 at the minute I want/need If Column "A" includes a...
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    Help with Auto run macro , Multiple Columns in one code? I have been at this for 2 days please help

    Simply put I want a macro to auto run upon launching excel 2014, to create Auto Time stamps in cells , when data is WRITTEN or PASTED into adjacent Column cells. I want to do this in multiple "column pairs ". The columns are paired but rows function indepently. Ex: Column A and B is a Pair...
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    Automate VBA and save as new file plus update xml from range

    I appreciate this may be a big question but .... I have a macro, I would like it to auto run at 17:00 and 22:00, save with a new file name and update an xml file with a range of cell from a worksheet in the workbook. The XML layout matches the worksheet, at present I manually copy and paste.
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    How do I create a VBA macro in Excel that uses the goal seek function?

    How do I create a VBA macro in Excel that uses the goal seek function? Set Cell: C49 To Value: (whatever I have in cell L47) By changing cell: B19 As I change the value in cell L47. I want the macro to automatically run in the background.
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    Ontime vba schedule on server

    Hi All, I want to schedule a report on a server PC that is always on. The vba code has to pick up the file and save it, if available, from 05.00 till 08.00. Every day automatically. If the file is not available the macro should re-run every 30 minute till the vba get the file or 08.00. I wrote...
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    auto run all macros when workbook open

    Hi, May i know the code to auto run all macros of a workbook when the workbook is opened, rather than storing the file at trust location or manually enable macro? Thanks!

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