1. Akuini

    I created an Excel add-in called “Search deList”, to create searchable data validation

    I created an add-in called “Search deList”, and I share it as a freeware. Its function is to speed up searching in data validation list. In any cell that has data validation (with List type) pressing ALT+RIGHT will open a Userform with a combobox. You can type multiple keywords (separated by a...
  2. Akuini

    Macro to create searchable data validation+combobox

    Excel doesn't provide a built-in way to search data validation list. So it could be hard to scroll through the list when the list is long. This searchable data validation+combobox is a way to deal with that problem. It has these behavior: 1. The combobox can appear and hide by certain action e.g...
  3. S

    Automation Error on Keypress in Userform Listbox

    I'm trying to create a Auto-fill Textbox where my users are restricted to options that are already present in a pre-populated list of Assets. I've managed to make it work to the point that when they start typing the letters the Listbox shows up with possible matches and if they double click on...
  4. M

    Put number and autocomplete to nearest date?

    Hi, part of my job is to put dates to documents that were made in the past 15 days or so, and I'd like to know if there's a way to put, for example, if today is 08/10/2019, then I'd put a 4 and it should assume that I want to put 04/10/2019, or a 26 and it should assume that is 26/09/2019 (from...
  5. H

    Apple mac numbers like autocomplete in excel

    I have been using numbers for the first time and there are a lot if things that it does which I hate but its autocomplete is excellent. As you type in a cell it offers a list of matching text from other cells until you find the text you want or your text no longer matches anything. Is there...
  6. G

    Autocomplete has duplicate entries -- won't autocomplete that word

    Excel 2010. Autocomplete has worked perfectly fine for the life of this spreadsheet. All of a sudden it won't autocomplete the word Consulting in one column. This is not an issue of blank rows or cells above. It was working one day and the next day it refused to autocomplete even though...
  7. A

    Autocomplete / Data Validation / Offset

    Hi, I am looking to use VBA so that I can use autocomplete when using data validation lists, I came across this solution: which works perfectly for normal validation lists. However when I change my list from a standard list to using an offset...
  8. S

    Dropdown list autocomplete and increment (VBA)

    Hi everyone! What I am looking to do is create a dropdown that will autosuggest/autocomplete from a list of products in Column A when starting to type in the dropdown. When confirming the product (by pressing enter), I would like if it could automatically reset, but also add an increment of +1...
  9. T

    Excel Crash if I select any auto complete formula from dropdown

    hello, I have searched the internet for an answer. and all I found was answers to turn autocomplete off. Dont want to do that. Here is what happens. When I start a formula ( =vl ) a drop down appears below the cell with list of autocomplete options. If I select any of them, excel crashes and...
  10. R

    Why doesn't autocomplete work...

    Hello, Does anyone know why autocomplete doesn't work if the name you are looking for is more than 102 cells away. I put Joe in cell A1. Then I put Jim in cells A2:A102. When I try typing Joe again, it auto completes. However, if I put Jim in cells A2:A103 and try to put Joe in cell...
  11. S

    Combo Box Autocomplete Sorting / Returning Values On Top

    Hi guys, The sheet I'm working on has a set of data where a user would select from a combo box with an autocomplete feature (taken from other resources). When I click on the combo box, the list comes up like below (as it should, and this is fine): But when you type in a letter for example...
  12. A

    AutoComplete the text...!!!

    Dear friends, Do we have a facility to autocomplete the text, when I start typing the few letters in sheet 1, and the AutoComplete will start suggesting the options BASED on the list in another sheet say, Sheet 3. Thanks & Regards, Avinash R
  13. S

    Autocomplete from data another column, with option to create new entry

    I am trying to do some data entry which will use Excel. I'm hoping you can help me understand how to set up the system. I believe my inquiry is similar to, but not exactly like, the post at<wbr>xlDataVal11.html. I have a sheet like file_name | full_name 123...
  14. George J

    Disabling Flash Fill

    I have searched online for the solution and have not seen one, which does not bode well. Time to ask the experts. I have a workbook that creates another workbook. In this second workbook , the user fills in reference ID's but Excel is trying to be helpful. When it thinks it sees a pattern...
  15. J

    Autocomplete using a defined range

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to use excel's autocomplete function without it having to be directly under the source data, in the same column, and sheet? For example, the source data is in sheet 2 and i am workings in sheet 1. So in sheet 1, if start typing the first few letters it...
  16. O

    Autocomplete in Combobox for Mac

    I have a userform combobox that draws its list from a column, then eliminates the duplicates, then alphabetizes the list. I am writing the code in the Office 2013 for windows version of Excel. The application is being used on a Mac, Excel 2011. Everything works great, except when you begin...
  17. A

    Autocompleting a Sheet based on one row of information

    Hi All, I have a tab (scheduled days to work) where I put in a persons name and what days of the week they say they want to work. What i want to do is once the data is put in like the first table below a button is pressed and it will automatically populate a whole new tab for the times they...
  18. K

    AutoComplete From a List

    I have a list on a separate sheet that I am wanting one particular cell to autocomplete from. I have searched for quite some time on a resolution to the issue. I have even placed the list above the cells I am working with, and then hiding them, but after I am finished with my current task I...
  19. A

    Autocomplete Dropdown for entire column

    Hey everyone, I am trying to create a dropdown menu with an autocomplete feature for an entire column. I have found solutions for a single cell to accomplish this but nothing for an entire column. Much of what I have found requires you to create a combo box that will autocomplete; however, I...
  20. C

    Validated List Auto Fill columns

    Hi, the title probably doesn't explain what I need to do, so I have two sheets, SHEET1 and SHEET2. SHEET1 holds a list of variables which can sometimes be added to SHEET2. SHEET2 therefore holds some variables from SHEET1 and its' own variables also. I will explain this more Consider SHEET1...

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