autofilter array

  1. D

    Dynamic array in autofilter

    Hi guys! Taking my first steps in working with arrays. I'm trying to load a dynamic array as an autofilter criteria, but I must be missing something. Found some hints Googling around, but couldn't make it work. I will get the filter marker in the right column, but no filtering results. Array is...
  2. D

    VBA AutoFilter: multiple criteria; array; does not contain

    Hi Folks, Firstly: all this is for a dynamic table called StockListTable. I have a Column (Header = Owner) containing numbers representing customer numbers (1 to 150 plus 998 and 999). I wish to filter out the following customer numbers---0, 27, 72, 84, 100, 998 and 999---thus leaving all...
  3. S

    Using an Array & Autofilters - VBA

    So thanks to a number of kind people here, I have been guided and helped a number of times. Thank you to those that have done so and been patient with my questions as well as lack of understanding. I am learning and your guidance challenges me to learn me. Thank you! I have a scenario where I...
  4. R

    Autofilter loop to combine rows data

    loops I’ll start with my spread sheet layout and explain in steps what I’m trying to achieve, I will then say what I’ve tried code wise so far but everything I have put together so far fails My small version of my spread sheet is attached the full spread sheet is 17MB and alot of rows...
  5. W

    VBA Autofilter array question

    Hi, Is there a way to use a 'not' with an array in autofilter? I'd like to show all rows excluding those in the array. see below code: Sub filtertitle() Dim lr As Long lr = Cells(Rows.count, 1).End(xlUp).Row [a1].CurrentRegion.Select Selection.AutoFilter Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(lr...
  6. P

    Trouble when using AutoFilter Array in VBA Excel 2007

    Hi After a couple of research I found a code that in theory works with an array of values that define the filter criteria to work with, when I tested as I download it it worked, however when I change those to the values I need, the filter result went blank, so this where I need the assistance I...
  7. R

    Auto Filter where range includes cells with a value of ""

    I am using an auto filter criteria range, where the cells reference filter selections input on a different tab. For example, the cells in the criteria range have a formula similar to this: =if(Sheet1!A1="","",Sheet1!A1) However, if only 1 of the 4 input selections are chosen (which is often...
  8. A

    AutoFilter with dynamic range criteria

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if it is even possible to use a dynamic range as an autofilter criteria? I tried with the below code and it does not work..a close variation also gets my Excel to crash Dim var As Integer Sheets("Master").Select ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion.Select var...
  9. R

    AutoFilter not recognizing values

    I have an autofilter setup with 3 values: "Show", "Hide" and "Always". The show/hide values are dependent if formulas based on other cells. I have two sheets with this filter (Template and Summary); the filter works fine on the Template tab, however on the Summary tab... When filtered to...
  10. A

    AutoFilter with Variable

    Hi everyone, Could someone please explain to me why the following does not work? ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$Z$5000").AutoFilter Field:=8, Criteria1:=Array("*New_Company*"), Operator:=xlFilterValues New_Company is a variable of type String that takes different values via an InputBox How...
  11. T

    Autofilter Array in VBA with does not equal

    I have searched all over looking for the solution without any luck. I have a filter that needs an array that has 3 criteria that I do not want to pull in my filter. Here are the ways I have tried to get this to work without success. Selection.AutoFilter Field:=3, Criteria1:=Array( _...

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