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    Auto Filtering all additional Sheets based on one cell value in Sheet 1

    I am looking for VBA code that will filter 30+ Excel tables starting with Sheet2. Each sheet will contain a table with a date range in column A starting with the header row being row 1. I am looking to enter a date into Sheet1 in cell B2. I'd like to add a Command Button to Sheet 1 to run...
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    Copy, paste Autofilter range without headings to another sheet. not working

    I'm happy with the way the code works (thanks Skywriter), I have worked out how to append the filtered data to an existing sheet if it already exists, but I just cant seem to do it without the heading row. I have followed the code in the multiple posts on the subject but keep getting a...
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    AutoFilter un-check boxes in filter

    I am using the record macro feature to write the VB code so that I can delete the rows that contain values other than "55" or "56". What I want to do is deselect "55" and "56" (notice they are not displayed) and select every other value. Columns("A:A").Select Selection.AutoFilter...

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