1. R

    How to automatically change path name for reference to most recent closed workbook

    Hi, I have two workbooks: one is closed and one is open. And I would like to extract data from the closed one into the open one. I can return the value of cell A2 of the closed external workbook in my open workbook with the following formula...
  2. J

    Certificate Generator

    Hello, im an aspiring freelancer and my task is to be able generate bulk certificates for a coach im interning for… While doing my research via YT, i came across with this. I visited his link and his certificate generator has a file name of xlsb. So i assumed it was created using excel...
  3. S

    Calculating figures based on dropdown selection help

    Hi Everyone, I am having real problems calculating values based on certain drop down selections I make. For example, for my business I am trying to calculate the spend per year by selecting a drop down and choosing the year I want to be calculated. I already have the spend data for all the...
  4. M

    VBA Knowledge Required - Automated Sheets Populated Into Templates

    Hi All, I am learning how excel more and more as my job requires me to and try to use it in my personal life where possible. I have created a budgeting workbook and would like to be able to click a button that will extract all the data in the "master calculator (null)" sheet and place it into...
  5. K

    Automated conversion from TXT

    I have a txt file that needs to be converted from txt to csv with excel. Process needs to be automated and I am not sure how to do this at all. Any input would be a big help. The deliminator is a | Thanks Keith
  6. V

    Constantly Changing Password Macro

    HI All, Trying to design a Macro which will automatically unlock the workbook and do hide or unhide a Worksheet. What will trigger the Macro will be a value change in a cell. The problem is, the password is not constant. One week it will be one word and the next it will be something else. I...
  7. R

    Automated Pictures In Cells Excel

    Hi All, I am hoping you can help me with something. I am trying to create an automated form on excel where I can automatically input pictures into cells. So for example, I have a picture and text in Cell A1. Is there a way for me to put the same exact text and picture into cell C2 just by...
  8. R

    Automatic sheet layout based on topic selection.

    The idea is to have a topic selection page where i can select yes or no and then based on my answers the next sheet will show all of the topics that i answers yes to. Images can be seen here: AND Looking it this it maybe could be something where...
  9. K

    VBA code help to populate text in a specific column based on another column condition

    if any row in column J that = ATO then I need every row in column O to populate "Automated". Also if any row in column J = PRD and any row in column L = "waiting" then I need every row in column O that satisfies both criteria to = "Manual".
  10. A

    Outlook 2007 - Automated Response email

    Hello, I would like to know how to develop an automated email response based on user response. This is what I would like to develop: Using Outlook 2007 a template is created with a mail list group and two buttons that allow the recipient to either Approve or Deny the specific event. Once the...
  11. R

    Bug in Text to columns.

    Hi, I have automated a small part for "Text to columns" but recently i have noticed after doing the text to columns it is reflecting in a some other format eg. Correct data - 18110274E9 AFTER AUTOMATED - 1.181E+16. :confused::confused::confused: Please can someone help me on this.. if it is...
  12. Z

    Outlook auto display only .txt attachments in body

    Hello, I'm looking to save myself quite a bit of work. on avg, i'm receiving about 200 emails a day with automated .txt file attachments. the .txt files have information that i need from an automated source. all i have to do is look at 2 lines of the .txt e-mail and know exactly what needs to...
  13. D

    Macro/VBA question

    Hi there. I'm trying to combine a bunch of cells in the same row into one formula with a pipe | in between the numbers. eg A1&"|"&A2&"|"&A3 etc. Can this be automated so this can be done automatically from the first row in a column with a value until the last row in a column with data. Like A1...
  14. S

    Automatically send email to address in column B when spreadsheet is saved

    Can someone please help! I would like Excel to either :- a) Send an automated email to every address in column B when saved a(and exited - ideally a pompt box would come up and say "you are sxiting - would you like the email to be sent out?" or b) Send an automated email to every address in...
  15. 5

    Automating a workbook

    I have a workbook that has multiple worksheets. One of the worksheet is a summary where I want it to to automatically pull employee median and employee location data coming from another worksheet. I tried linking the worksheets and it doesn't seem to work. If that can be automated the way I...
  16. M

    Copying Row 1 Into Every Third Blank Row

    Is there anyway that Row 1 can be copied and pasted into evry third row as in the the attached document. When the sheet is formulated only Row 1 has the data I need need to copy and paste and I just do it manually. Is there a way it can be automated. I have provided a link to what the finished...
  17. S

    Pop up error when vba automated email

    I have automated some excel sheets to be emailed. However I get the following pop up for every email. How can I automate the "Allow" button in vba script. *************************************** Microsoft Outlook A program is trying to send an e-,ail message on your behalf. If this is...
  18. B

    Select Case To Check Date Ranges

    Hi Guys, I am using the below code to do checks for a automated holiday spreadsheet. if first checks to see if the user has enough holiday "<26" and then checks to see if they are not trying to request more that 10 days " < 10 ". the dates are declared in two cells From " B21" To "C21" what...
  19. C

    Realtime Update: Merging multiple Columns of constantly-updated Length into one

    Hi! So I'm working on forming a network map based on data which is constantly updated with new entries. Long story short, i'm using Excel in combination with Gephi to do this. My problem is (refer to Attached Image) I have 4 columns (MAterial, Research,Uni, Company) all of which are linked to...
  20. D

    Can I produce text-based reports using Excel dropdown lists?

    I'm a teacher, and I really enjoy finding efficient solutions for some of the tasks that my job requires. I had an idea about how I might be able to efficiently produce student reports, and need some help in working out how to do it. I'm relatively new to Excel, but am keen to learn. I'm...

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