1. B

    How to clear all Autorecover exceptions ?

    All - I'm having occasional crashes but finding I dont have an autorecover version of the workbook - so typically lose what I've done! I then go and clear the exception for that workbook so its back to saving autorecover versions. Question being - I've got hundreds of workbooks knocking...
  2. O

    AutoRecover file corrupted

    My Excel crashed and restarted. In the document recovery pane, clicking the most recent version of the file (a .xlsb file) opens a dialog box that says this version contains some repairs and prompts me to let Excel recovered as much content as it can. However, clicking yes simply leads to a...
  3. W

    Saving AutoRecover file

    Whenever Excel crashes and recovers the file I'm working on, I am not able to save it over the original file and have to give it a new name. I'm told that the file cannot be accessed and that it may be open by another process. Is this something unique to network environments?
  4. B

    Excel 2007 auto-recover path - cannot find .xar files

    Good afternoon A colleague of mine still uses Excel 2007 and had a document saved on a Network Drive They have been working on this all day without saving, although the auto-recovery is enabled for every ten minutes She accidentally closed excel down without saving I have searched in the...
  5. jelle

    excel autosave is turned off. file cannot be saved

    I have a problem with saving a file in excel. It is an existing large (25MB) file, which I have saved several times on the same location. During my last session, I got the following errors: when excel was calculating a big calculation, the following error occurred--> excel cannot complete this...
  6. S

    Autorecover has been disabled

    I have a very annoying problem with a single file. About 15-20 minutes after opening it, I get a pop-up message saying "An unexpected error has occurred. AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel." When I check in the Save options, the AutoRecover timer and location are greyed out...
  7. pantsmonkey

    Autosave Shared XL 2007 Document

    Hello Boffins. My workplace uses a shared XL spreadsheet which is basically a huge calender of out outbound freight history. Dates along the top and stock numbers down the side. Eg We send out stock 111 on the 21/03/09 and it comes back on the 28/03/09 those cells are highlight green when it...

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