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    Update/run macro while minimized?

    A spreadsheet I'm working on is calculating days since an injury has occurred. I have a macro set up in my VBA editor that recalculates it every (x) minutes/hours/whatever I set it up as. When I paste the object into powerpoint to run on our warehouse displays it will refresh a few times, but...
  2. A

    Copy the entire row depending on a cell value but delete row if the cell value is changed/deleted

    Dear Experts, I found a macro from your forum which copies the entire row based on a cell value ("y") -Courtesy Mr. jindon MrExcel MVP. If we type "y" in column D, the entire row is copied & pasted to sheet 2. The code is as follows. The only point for clarification is how will the code change...
  3. I

    Background Autosave feature and excel htm modification

    Hi All Quick help required: I am using excel for dashboard presentation over intranet this main file needs to be updated after every 10 mins as we all know excel republish htm after saving file i want this saving process to be in background not by auto opening workbook again and saving it...

    auto refresh

    is there an auto refresh for a date value, maybe to force a refresh every 15 min or an hour?? in a cell i have the now() formula but does not auto update, you're help is greatly appreciated
  5. S

    Auto Refresh Pivot Tables

    Hi, I have several pivot tables in a workbook on separate worksheets. Rather than pasting the auto refresh pivot table code for each worksheet that has a pivot table, I would like a single code within the workbook that would refresh the pivot table everytime the worksheet is activated. I am...

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