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    Avaya CMS Supervisor R18 VBA code Error

    I current have macro set up to log in CMS and pull the need reports. This works fine for me however my co-worker gets the following error when he attempts. He had upgrade to Excel to 64bit but since has revert back to he 32 bit. Before the upgrade it worked just fine. Error Run-time error...
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    Avaya Timezone

    Hello guys, Right now i am working on a new project where i have to automatize a dashboard. This dashboard is getting information from avaya scripts. I searched for the last 2 weeks a script in VBA that actually gets info from avaya reports and imports them to excel file in a certain sheet...
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    Converting time using IF statement

    Hello All, We use Avaya for our time tracking that records our technicians login/logoff time on the phone. I can get a report that shows their login/logoff punches as well as the total time for that day. My staff has a hard time figuring out 100'ths for minutes which is what Avaya records the...
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    Skill Changes in Avaya CMS Through Excel VBA

    In an effort to bring our call center to a median level it has been requested to change agents skill based off the # of calls they have taken throughout the day. Since Avaya Only maintains this information on a single Rep level or split by Skill I'm forced to bring the info into Excel to...
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    Help Tagging Data where certain criteria met

    Excel WorkbookABCDE1517-19-2010 0:31 PM - Data Export1521537-19-2010 0:31 PM - Report for Voice System name: xyz-123 ANYWEHRE USA - list usage exten 20063154155156VDNVDN Number20063157VectorVector Number939Step5158VectorVector Number952Step51591607-19-2010 0:31 PM - Data Export1611627-19-2010...

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