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    help on getting formula for this

    Hi! I need help to simplify this process. Is there a shortcut formula to get the average of % difference from one row to the next row in column A without me computing the difference of per row and then taking the average after? e.g. A (Amount) B (difference from lower to higher) 8840...
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    Running Totals omitting blank cells

    Hello All, I am currently working on a marking spreadsheet for teachers where the teachers need to have running scores regardless of how many mark entries they have for their students. I am using the followin formula to get a total, but what I need is a running total so that the students get...
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    Incremental Average

    I have a data set from a DAQ device that I need to downsize I need to take the average of every 50 point increment, my data is in columns, as an example a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 ... a... I would need the average(a1, a3, a5 ...) in one cell, then average (a2, a4, a6...) in the next any ideas?

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