axis scale code

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    Adjust both axes on the left and right side of the graph

    I have a graph with a dual axes both primary and secondary Y-axis. I am trying to call the range for both axes from a table next to the graph, where is the values in the source table change the range is calculated in the table next to the graph and the graph takes up the range defines in the...
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    Formatting of dual axis

    Hey, I got the problem that I am plotting a climate chart in excel (precipitation left y axis and temperature right y axis). Since the temperature has negative values but both y axis have to start with the value 0 at the horizontal axis, excel produces negative values for the precipitation...
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    Playing with axis scales

    Hey guys. I'm a complete newb regarding VBA. I'm trying no create a macro that can read values from cells, and change the scales in a graph according to those values. For the moment I recorded a macro while changing the min X scale, and it looks like this: Sub TestingScale() With...

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