1. Jaafar Tribak

    Changing the Font & Back Colors of individual Tabs\Pages in a MultiPage

    Hi dear forum, As you know, the MsForms Multipage control doesn't offer a built-in functionality for changing the colors of individual tabs. I have seen many requests for this functionality over the years and the usual workaround has always been to add some helper buttons\labels , to change the...
  2. E

    VBA: I cannot find the "correct" Backcolor setting for a worksheet checkbox

    Through intellisense, I cannot find the backcolor fill setting for a checkbox shape within an Excel spreadsheet. I've used the "With" statement to make sure I'm selecting the one-and-only checkbox on the spreadsheet as well as the entire workbook. I'm not sure why this doesn't work? With...
  3. D

    VBA Excel Userform Listbox Initial Selection Based on Cell Value With Color

    I have a Userform with several items including a Listbox entitled LBNewCase. The ListBox is populated (RowSource) through a range of cells. There is a cell that indicates the previous choice from this list.This cell (LastCaseMatch) uses the match function to find the position of the previous...
  4. N

    RGB Value of Textbox1.BackColor which is equivalent to &H0080C0FF&

    Hi if selected the backcolor of Textbox1 which is &H0080C0FF& Can any one tell me its RGB Value Thanks NimishK
  5. RobbieC

    userform text fields with the same code....

    Hi there, I have a userform with 100 text fields on it. they are all named dp1 dp2 dp3.... dp99 dp100 when I enter a text field I want the backcolor to change to green and the text white. and upon exiting revert to backcolor white and black text... I can do this using this code: Private Sub...
  6. R

    Changing the backcolor of all controls on a userform

    Hi there, I have a few dozen textboxes on a userform, might add a few, might take a few away. Looking to change the backcolor of them all. My first question is: are textboxes counted as controls? So I'm trying to write using the following code - any ideas? Dim ctl As MSForms.Control For...
  7. A

    Checkbox event help

    I am using the status of a checkbox to change the color of a rectangular box behind a field for quick status reference. Private Sub Permit_Received_Click() If Me.Permit_Received = Yes Then Me.PermitHighlight.BackColor = vbRed Else Me.PermitHighlight.BackColor = vbGreen End If End Sub First...
  8. Foo_Man_Chu

    Trying to change the color of a command button

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the backcolor of a command button with the on click event of the button. Seeing that I will have several buttons to change the color or, I made a separate sub to change the button backcolor with that I can just call from the on click event of the button in question...
  9. P

    Setting the backcolor of a label created in VBA code

    Hello I have a series of labels created using the following code: t = 66 l = 87 Set lbl1 = Controls.Add("Forms.Label.1") With lbl1 .Name = "label" & i .Caption = "APRIL" .Height = 12 .Width = 50 .Left = l .Top = t End With Is it possible to set the backcolor of the...
  10. G

    Hex v RGB in a Form's Properties Window

    Hi Guys.... I'm trying to find the RGB value for a standard Excel 2010 colour - the grey background colour for a Form. When I look in the Properties window, it's specified as "&H8000000F&". Assuming the "&"s are field delimiters, and "H" indicates Hexadecimal, the Hex value is 80 00 00 0F. I...
  11. J

    BackColor value on a UserForm

    This will proabably be an easy one for somebody... THe BackColor property on a UserForm is "&H00CFF3FF&" . Can someone please explain what that number means and/or what format it is in. :confused: I need to match that color and I am color-blind so I rely on the color values to help me do...
  12. 03856me

    Userform - TextBox Color Change on Enter & Exit

    I found the following code which works for changing the back color of the textbox to black when you enter and then turns it red when you exit. How do I find the codes for different colors - Excel 2010? Anyone have a link to those descriptions? ========================================= Private...
  13. Jaafar Tribak

    Set the BackColor of individual ListBox Items ?

    Greetings. Consider I have a list box filled with items that belong to 3 different groups. It would be nice to give a distinctive background color to each group for better use and visibility. I know the standard ListBox control has no such Property but it has an elusive hwnd which I suppose...

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