1. H

    Macro for making a backup of multiple ranges

    Dear experts, I'm developing sort of a year-planner/invoice-maker. This is a work in progress, but it's working and as of 1-1-2010 it's in use! My collegue filled the year. Now I'm working on the workbook. Changing this, and that, modifying macros. Now I'm looking for this: I want my...
  2. B

    Backup of Excel reports.

    Hi, i currently have a macro that goes though several folders, opens each spreadsheet and saves it as a .xlt to a location as well as .xls to another location. the problem i'm having is its only going through 1 layer of folders. Folder 1 Folder2 Folder3 Folder4 and Folder 2 might have another...
  3. J

    2 wkbks- share and add info

    I have WKBK #1...and I want to create WKBK (#2) which will always pull info from WKBK #1. In addition to that, I want to be able to edit WKBK #2 and add info w/o affecting WKBK #1. Creating a 'backup file' and adding info to the 'backup' does not work... HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP...
  4. A

    Last 3 results in a range

    This is my first post so go easy on me. I have created a spreadsheet with the backup job status for a number of servers. I would like to take the last 3 results for each backup job and then check whether the failure rate is more than 35%. I have looked through countless forums and sites...

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