1. G

    vlookup 3 sheets

    This is the first sheet <tbody> Student ID Course ID Fall M82922929 A&S 001 M68669689 A&S 012 M78666687 A&S 035 M28262728 A&S 055 </tbody> i got help creating a formula that would identify a mismatch happening. <tbody> Student ID Course ID Spring Status M82922929 A&S 001 Good...
  2. G

    Vlookup help

    Can anyone help me with this. One of my sheets has info on student ID and the class they were in last year. The new sheet has the student id and the class they are enrolled in this year. If they both don't match it should say bad. Sheet two should look like the table below. The range is...
  3. J

    Setting Userform textbox value from Worksheet_Change

    Hi, The following works fine (I'm currently using Userform1 with vbModeless) Userform1.Textbox1.Value = Target I just want to know what affect this has when the Userform hasn't been loaded. It seems nothing happens but is it using memory? Or a bad idea? Can I check whether the Userform is...
  4. S

    Sumproduct help

    Hello I am trying to accomplish a sumproduct sort of thing and almost have it but not quite yet. I have cobbled together this formula... =SUMPRODUCT(IFERROR((G10:G8841>I4)*(H10:H8841="Auto")*(I10:I8841>0),)) array entered. At issue is the fact that cells in column G may contain numbers (a...
  5. muhammad susanto

    Data Lookup With Multiple Criteria

    hello all.. i want to lookup data with criteria below, how to use vlookup or either.. <thead> Criterias Score </thead><tbody> Good 1 Bad 2 Worst 3 Enough 4 lookup given/data Expected Result Bad 2 Good 1 etc.. </tbody> thanks in advance .sst
  6. jim may

    Bad Syntax

    Is the following fixable? =OFFSET(INDIRECT(" ' "&My Main&" '!"&"$A$2"),0,0,COUNTA(Main!$A:$A)-1,1)
  7. C

    Insert the value of another cell inside/between another cell

    Hi Forum! I'm wondering if there's a way to put the value of another cell inside another one ... but between the lines ... sorry for my bad english
  8. R

    vba help for Conditional Formatting

    Hi everyone! I'm looking at throwing in some conditional formatting to a macro I am writing. The range is dynamic and can change, and the conditional formatting is based off of another cell. I've tried recording the macro and copy+pasting that result, but the result is just making the entire...
  9. J

    Match after specific value?

    Hello, mates! I have a weird requirement in the job and haven't been able to figure it out by myself. I;ve been given a weekly dataset (which needs to be in columns - per business requirements), similar to the table below: <tbody> Product W1 W2 W3 W4 ... W52 Product 1 Bad Bad Good Good ...
  10. M

    Extract only unique numbers

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> In the columns B:AD there are 9 numbers divided in 3 parts I need a Formula or a VBA solution to extract the only unique numbers from the column B:AD of the each row and list them in columns AG:AX in the ascending order left to right</SPAN></SPAN> Here is an...
  11. A

    How to delete these Certain Rows

    Good morning, I have a sheet in Excel 2010 with over 24000 rows. Each row has info on my part, whether it's "good" or "bad". I want to delete all rows that have "bad" in column C. What's the fastest way to accomplish this? Thanks!
  12. R

    Determine if a range of cell values meet a specific criteria.

    I posted the other day for some help with a fitness group spreadsheet and the forum was very helpful. I come again asking for advice / help. The fitness group has daily tasks to complete for points (good tasks) and ways to gain negative points (bad tasks). There are 5 good tasks and 2 bad...
  13. R

    Help make my formula work (please)

    =IF(I8="No"),((SUM('All Distrib'!J3:J810),If(I8="Yes"),(SUM('All Distrib'!J3:J810)*I$9)) I need this information but parentheses are wrong (sigh). Very bad at nesting. Help would be so lovely. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. T

    States being approved

    Hi all im creating a chart for the 50 US states, what i would like to do is have some states match up and others wont, example , CA to NY is fine but NY to CA is bad , CA to AZ is fine and AZ to CA is fine the NY to AZ is bad and AZ to NY is bad
  15. Z

    Array 1-2,3-4,5-6...etc

    Hello! So, I’m really bad at excel. I’m sure there are answers here on arrays, but I really am unsure how to edit the formula to match my question. I would like an array to write “1-2,3-4,5-6...” or with spaces between comma and next number is fine too. I would want to be able to end the array...
  16. W

    VBA - problems with cell formatting multiple IF statements

    Hello, I am trying to make a custom conditional formatting which does the following: Check if Columns D and E are equal to each other. If they are equal, then check if they are between a value of 500 to 2000. If all this is met then the cells turn green. I have a second part to it which...
  17. B

    VBA Question - Populate Comment with Cell Value from Formula

    I'm in need of some code that will put the values in the cells of Column D into a comment of the associated name in Column B. I do not have room in the worksheet cells to put this info and thought including the information as a comment with the person's name might be a solution. Column D...
  18. A

    Count number of unique values based on criteria in other rows

    Hey Guys, I am new to writing formula. Can you guys help me with the below problem? Thanks. I want to write a formula in separate cells, where it shows the unique values of column A when a criteria is selected in Column B. Eg. Cell 1: good: 3 (101,101,103,103,105) Cell2: bad: 3...
  19. auto.pilot

    Find values in one list and replace them with values from another list

    I have up to 1,000 entries (column A) on my Output worksheet. Some of them (100 or less) are in bad format or simply wrong. In a separate table on my Lookup worksheet, column A is populated with 'bad' entries that match the bad entries on the Output worksheet. Column B is populated with 'good'...
  20. T

    Ruler-margins etc

    Hi everyone, I am having a margin/ruler/scale issue. I had a bad macro that broke and now I can't get the exact format back in my workbook. When I look at the sheet in page layout view, my ruler is at different points on the page between the good layout workbook and the bad layout workbook...

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