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    Help Calculating Average Cost using a Vlookup?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help! I am trying to set up a spreadsheet for an online business that updates the 'cost of purchase' depending on which stock order has been sold. For example, if I order 10 units of soap at $10 then the cost is $10. If I make a second order of 10 soaps at $12...
  2. J

    change name of cells if other cell changes name?

    How can I change name of cells if 1 cell changes name. If A1 has the name "Store Rack 1" then Cells display names Pens, platic Bags, Paper in cells D5, F5, H5 If A1 has the name "Store Rack 2" then Cells display names eraser, Box, Pencil in cells D5, F5, H5 Example:1 If Cell A1 = Store Rack...
  3. B

    Vlook up issue

    I need some help with a formula. In theory, multiplying weight supposed to be in bags x bags = total weight in bags but we used more than the theory number of lbs. The difference between what we were supposed to used and actually used is scrap. I need to find out what the scrap and yields are...
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    calculation required for NP

    Dear Team i have some data to calculate but couldnot find any formula. please help me my NP bag dimension are L=2.5 ft W= 1.5 ft H= 0.67 ft weight is 50 KG how many bags I can stack for 1 Matric tons please help developing a formula for this.

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