based on another cell

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    Conditional Format Several Cells Based on Content of Another Cell

    I've searched the stickies and FAQs and haven't found anything -- after 20+ hours of dedicated research I HAVE to ask you folks how to do this... Initially, I was searching for a formula to set the format of Cell H3 if Cell C3 contains "0 - Completed" as a text string. Then if C4 contained "0...
  2. M

    Sum values in one column based on unique, filtered values in another

    Please help me! I'm trying to sum filtered values from column J (course credits) based on unique values from column F (unique course ID). The desired result would return a count of 3 unique values (courses) for column F and a subtotal of 10 (credits) for column J. <tbody> A B C D E...
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    VBA code to find most recent date in column A that match a value in column B

    I'm trying to find VBA code to be able to set the value in column U to "TRUE" when the Date in column A is the "most recent" based on a value in column B. So what I have is a list of numbers in column B and a date in column A against each number. The numbers in column B may be repeated once or...
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    Conditional Formatting only formats first cell in selection

    Hello! My conditional formatting only works in the first cell of the series, or the entire series changes based on one cell change. I cannot figure out what is wrong! Below I describe how I set up the CF. Please help! I use Excel 2010. I want an empty cell in Row E to shade red if, from...

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