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    IFERROR formula help

    Hi All I have a column (in sheet called worksheet column E - starting in row 2) with all names, including duplicates. I wish to make a list in a seperate sheet in column A with only the unique values (each name once in this list - starting in row 6). This list must also look at the value in...
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    Hide cells if month different from previous cell

    Hi. I have searched but didn't find anything similar. Found some posts about dates but nothing like what I am searching for. My question: We work with a worksheet to register quality issues occurred during a certain month. The sheet is printed out a few days before the start of the new month...
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    Conditional Format based upon another cell

    Hi, I need some help. How do I place a conditional format for one cell that is based upon the value of another cell. i.e. - A1 turns red if A2 is greater than 2. Thanks, Chris.
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    Subtotaling based on date in a column

    I am trying to create a subtotal in Column L for the values in Column K that all have the same date in Column A. All of the Dates in Column A are in chronological order. No dates are out of order. Example A1 = 11/2/2008 : K1 = 22.00 A2 = 11/2/2008 : K2 = 25.00 A3 = 11/4/2008 : K3 = 12.50 A4 =...

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