1. T

    =IF (CELL iS Highlighted) then...

    Is there a formula based on highlighted cells? Example If cell A1 is highlighted in any color, then B1=100 Many thanks!
  2. gheyman

    Access: Form w/table as Source Filter

    When I have a Form based on a query, I am able to filter based on a Combo Box (Use the Combo selection as Criteria in Query). If you have a Form with its source being a Table, is there a way to filter the data? I only want to see records where [Status] is "Active"
  3. E

    Delete row based on value

    Hi all, I need some help trying to write a macro that will search Column A for the value "1" and delete that entire row when the Column A has a cell with a value of "1". Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. J

    Formula based on Quarter

    Hi there, I've racked my brain, and exhausted google searches so hoping someone can help me. I have a bunch of data in a spreadsheet that I do not want to manually update when the quarter turns over. So I'm wondering if there is a way to do a conditional formula (and I know there has to be)...
  5. A

    Making the formula Dynamic based on Date Range

    Hi All -- I was hoping you can help me make the following formula dynamic based on a date range.. I have this formula : =INDEX(LINEST(I62:I73,J62:J73),2)*12 I have a table of dates (end of month dates) and two columns with numbers which I need summed up based on the most recent 12 months...
  6. P

    Build formula based off value in another Cell

    I am trying to get a formula to build based off a row reference i put into another I have tried to put a simplified example of what i mean below E2 is calculated using the formula shown in F2 as an example So i have 4 columns of data, A - D, and i want to, for the example, minus the fig in D2...
  7. G

    Based on date how to calculate total working days in particular month using vba

    Hi Everyone, Based on dates that are provided in column 'C' can we calculate how many days a employee had worked Like, <tbody> Column C ....... Column DI Column DJ Column DK Column DL ....... Column DT 30 31 30 31 31 DATES ...... APRIL MAY JUNE JULY ....... MARCH 14-04-2019 ...
  8. gheyman

    Query criteria based on Form Value

    I have a query that I want to have a dynamic criteria based on what someone selects in a Combo Box on a form (the Combo is in the Header Section) Like [Forms]![frm_Add_Supplier]![ComboVendorASL] But when I try to run the Query, I get a pop-up that asks me to "Enter Parameter Value". Not sure...
  9. A

    VBA to pull data based on a cell value

    Hi Guys, I know this may be simple, but for the life of me I cannot get this to work. I'm trying to just simply use VBA to lookup values based on a specific cell value. This specific cell has a drop down list, so depending on the value, the data being pulled will come from different sheets...
  10. I

    Chart based on Store selection

    I rarely post questions on here as I've so often been able to find posts on how to solve my problem. In this case, I'm struggling. I want to chart data based on the selection of a Store. How do I do this? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Gross Sales Oct-18 Nov-18...
  11. gheyman

    Combo Box with only unique values

    I have a combo box on a form. It is based off a query SELECT [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorID], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CityName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[MailState], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CountryCode] FROM qry_vluVendorAddress ORDER BY [VendorName]...
  12. H

    Auto Sort from multiple list by Name

    hello All, I have a list column A is First Name Column B is Last name column C I have C2= CONCATENATE(B2,","," ",A2) Puts it in "Last name, First Name" What im needing done on another sheet is to automatically sort when a name is added/deleted from the list in Alphabetical order based on...
  13. D

    INDEX / MATCH based on first 3 OR 4 characters

    I have a column in a table (called TabPostcodes) with full postcodes and iv'e added a second column where I want to populate with the relevant county based on a separate tables on a different worksheet based on partial postcodes. e.g. I have several postcodes that are in the same county - CH1...
  14. D

    auto track CTO if an employee came in during a Holiday

    Hi All, Noob Here :) seeking help in auto tracking of employee's earned Compulsory Time off based on an employee's schedule.
  15. B

    Master Schedule: Conditional Format based on Date

    I have a master schedule file to compile projects from various managers. There are four phases with start/end dates. I'd like to be able to enter the dates for the phases, and have the colors change in the cells to the right of the dates based on the entered dates. Is this a stacked conditional...
  16. A

    Extracting data based on drop down list

    I have a work schedule, it is broken into two weeks spans with 23 individuals. They reside in different cities. I would like to be able to filter the data based on the city using a drop down list. I have the list created, I have three helper columns that break down the information. When I try...
  17. S

    need if conditions

    my data is <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Pos 0 Subs 1 subs 2 sub Sub 1 1 2 2 1 1 3 3 1 2 5 </tbody> 1 subs- 1 pos and 2 sub then in 1 subs ZERO and in 2 sub its 1 1 subs-1 pos and 1 sub then in 1 subs 1 and 0 subs its 1 2 subs-2 pos and 2 sub then in 1...
  18. T

    Help to calculate 12 hour SLA, 7 days a week based over 10 hour opertaing day

    Hello, I would be most grateful for help, I am trying to calculate SLA for call attendance based on 7 days per week with operating hours of 08:00 - 18:00, SLA of 12 hours. The only solution I can find uses workday which then does not return correct weekend calculations, I feel so silly but can...
  19. Z

    cell format

    hello, i would like to know if i can preserve excel cell format when using any lookup formula, i have a chart and want to view sales by quantity/value or percentage based on slicer selection. the method that i’m using currently allows me to view any of the above with 1 type of format not based...
  20. A

    Sumproduct large with adjustable reference range based on another cell

    Hi, Is it possible to change the reference range in a sumproduct large formula to expand based on a value in anther cell? I'm using this formula: SUMPRODUCT(LARGE((A2:A9=G2)*(B2:B9),1)) and would like the range to expand based on value in another cell, say E1. If E1 was 20, than I would like...

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