1. J

    Drop Down List Based On A Cell Value

    Hi, I'm looking for some help with drop down lists....or any other suggesstions are welcome! So in a table, a cell will be populated with a number value and i need the input of another cell to be restricted based on that value. The restriction will be above or below 10,000. I was thinking...
  2. A

    Highlight a cell based on specific text in a different cell

    So, I have a billing spreadsheet with a list of names in column E. I have pay columns that are based on years of experience. The names in Column E contain an * if they are first year and ** if they are 2nd year. What I want to do is change the background colors depending on * or **. I've...
  3. N

    Delete Rows based on given number

    Dear Friends, Please help me. I have a data sheet which is Sheet1 Calculation Sheet which is Sheet2 Based on the cell value. example Sheet2(A2)=5 Then in Sheet1 after header 5 rows should be deleted, Thanks
  4. P

    How to filter whole row based on merged cells

    Hello All, I've created an excel spreadsheet in which I've set buttons to filter rows based on values. The problem I'm having is that within the rows some cells are merged and when using the filter it won't keep the whole row. I'm uncertain of how to bring all the rows of over. The method I'm...
  5. L

    Develop a loop based on a tables characteristics

    I need assistance to develop a loop based on these 2 tables below. The first row contains the values that will repeat along the table. For the first table each value will repeat 04 times. For The second table the values will repeat 05 times. Table01 <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O A...
  6. A

    Change Row height and colour based on value

    Hi great people I have a work stream spreadsheet that I sort by date, the only thing that I'm.struggling with is the height of the rows based of column A containing the number 1, and then colouring the row (A to M) being dark grey Can anyone help me?
  7. F

    Sent mass email based on cell values

    I have a list of employee ID's in column A. In column B is either YES or NO based on a vlookup verifying if they entered data in a schedule sheet. I need to send an email to any employee ID with a NO in column B. I would like to send them all in one email as a bcc since there are 180 employees...
  8. S

    different calculation based on dropdown list

    Hello guys, I have got a questions regarding different calculations based on the selection of the drop-down list. In other words, how can I have different calculations based on what variable I select in the drop-down-list? For example, let's say I've got 5 companies and I created a drop-down...
  9. S

    VBA Loop to open other Workbooks based on cell information

    Good Afternoon, I have been searching through the forums, not found what I am looking for. If somebody knows of if this has been answered elsewhere, happy to go to that thread for the info. My conundrum! I have a worksheet that has a list of workbook names and locations. I need a piece of VBA...
  10. T

    Average based on multi Criteria

    Fellas, I have spreadsheet as follows: Column A - location for 8 different maintenance workshop Column B - description ID for work completed (ID#1.5.6) / example tire change = 1.5.6, rim change is = 1.5.7... etc Column C - labor hours for each ID that work has been completed (up to 25000 line...
  11. W

    Use color table number column to set background color

    Hello everybody, I'd like to use a vba (or formula, whatever is the less resource intensive) to set fill color of a cell based on a column value. For example, if I have a column with number 1 then fill the adjacent column with the color table value of that number. I've grown quite frustrated...
  12. E

    Extrapolate? Forecast? Trend? I don't know what to call this problem.

    Hello and thank you for reading my post. This is what I need to do: I have data for three months. I need to determine what data the remaining 9 months will have based on the first three months. For example, January I had 1 credit memo. February I had 1 credit memo. March I had 3 credit memos...
  13. D

    LOOKUP formula combined with an IF Formula

    Hi can anyone help. I am currently using the following formula to sum to two based on another cell having data (i.e. not blank) =IF(O20="","",Q19+P20) This works perfectly well so long as Q19 has data, however this is not always the case and therefore I would prefer to use the LOOKUP formula...
  14. C

    Add next number based on previous record SET

    Form called Input Allotments that shows the current funds of one Description_location. Subform that shows all the records associated with the Description_Location: master_data_auto_fiscal_year_subform based on a Query. Query: Master_Data_auto_fiscal_year it has all the fields from the...
  15. H

    Function to Sort data based on value to the right

    <tbody> A 10 B 5 C 20 D 1 E 13 F 15 G 18 H 2 I 6 J 7 </tbody> Using the above table column A is an array Function that pulls data from another sheet which will Every time I sort Column B to Sort A to Z it always goes back to the normal Sort. I want column C to pull the data...
  16. R

    IFBLANK Formula Issue

    I am trying to troubleshoot the following formula =IF(ISBLANK($J4), SUM($K4+30), SUM($J4+30)) where J4 & K4 are date fields. When a date is is not entered in either J4 or K4, this formula displays dates based on the year 1900. How do I fix this to show a blank cell? Thank you in advance. Roy
  17. O

    find contents of one sheet and displaying on another based on contents

    I am trying to retrieve contents of a cell in another sheet based on the contents of that sheets adjoining column as I want to find the data in sheet (ABC) based on the contents of sheet (ABC') column (C) if c1= U then display contents in cell (a1) in sheet(ABC) to sheet (DEF) (K14). I need it...
  18. C

    Lookup based 2 criteria

    Dear Folks, I need to lookup of a quantity plan value based on a Date and Area. I have 5 columns from B to F B = Date (is duplicate) C = Area (is duplicate) D = Scope of Work E = Actual F = Plan H1 = Date - criteria 1 H2 = Area - criteria 2 H3 = Result In H3, should be a formula to lookup...
  19. S

    Create automated paragraph based on criteria.

    I do a lot of financial writing with different numbers every quarter and change language based on the date. Is there an easy way to create a form that automatically writes the paragraph summary? For example: Forthe three months ended March 31, 2019, "Company name" generated revenue of "$XXX"...
  20. Z

    Vlookup question

    What is the best practice for multiple criteria Vlookups? I have a table with 5 columns. I need to lookup a value based on 2 sets of criteria. Any suggestions?

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