1. S

    Listing Data based on Dates

    Hi, I have a set of data like this <tbody> AAA 2-May-20 BBB 18-Jun-20 CCC 29-Mar-20 DDD 9-Feb-21 EEE 9-Feb-22 FFF 9-Feb-20 GGG 9-Feb-23 HHH 9-Feb-20 JJJ 27-Feb-28 KKK 2-Jan-27 MMM 14-Oct-21 NNN 15-Oct-19 </tbody> I want to sort it like this <tbody> Before 2020 Between...
  2. M

    Move data in column into row

    Hello, I have a large excel-datafile with data stored in columns, but want to get all into one row (this format is needed for further analysis).The dataset is too large to do this manually. Below an example: Original Author - Obs.- Obs.- Obs. X aaa bbb ccc Y ddd...
  3. V

    If Elseif else statement

    How to write a VBA code to get the below output. Thanks If Column A = AAA , Column C = XXX , Column E = YYY Then column F = Yes If Column A = BBB , Column C = XXX , Column E = YYY Then column F = Yes If Column A = ZZZ , Column C = XXX , Column E = YYY Then column F = Yes and if Column A is...
  4. D

    Query - Filter out multiple bar codes to show only 1 bar code per product.

    Hi! My query is this - I have 3 columns. Barcode | Product Type | Product Name | Colour 1234567890123 | AAA | Example1 | White 1234567890124 | AAA | Example1 | Black 1234567890125 | AAA | Example1 | Red 1234567890126 | AAA | Example2 | Purple 1234567890127 | AAA | Example2 | Orange...
  5. S

    If Statement formula Issue

    Hi all, Last week I was completely stuck with this concept and Kweaver helped me out with this awesome formula, but since then I needed to modify the formula to add another condition and now I cannot get the formula to make S2 = 0 is the other conditions are "Non-Billable" and "No". Below is...
  6. rogerfoster88

    Help with a formula in Excel

    <tbody> I am looking for a formula to go into G2 that finds the combined sum in column D that is adjacent to the product in column C, but for the choice of product to be dictated by the product name in F2. So the formula needs to be clever enough to change the volume if the name in F2 changes...
  7. G

    SUMIF with exact text string in an array as criteria

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding the best way to do a sumif of a range containing an exact string which in my example is a single letter. The problem I'm encountering is that this letter also happens to be within words of other cells. How would I go about returning only the sum of cells...
  8. R

    IF value is same in two columns then display a third value from another column

    Hi, Does anyone know which formula can achieve this: If value in column A is the same as value in column B, then display the value from Column C For example if Column A contains these values C1 - AAA C2 - BBB Column B contains the same: B1 - AAA B2 - BBB B3 - CCC Column C contains C1 -...
  9. King Mustard

    Autofill not detecting correct pattern

    I have a workbook with two worksheets. Let's call them worksheet AAA and worksheet BBB. In worksheet BBB, the following information is in the following cells: A1 ='AAA'!E13 B1 ='AAA'!E14 C1 ='AAA'!E15 When I select the three cells and drag Autofill to D1, I am expecting E16 but it actually...
  10. P

    Excel fuzzy search

    Hi Excel gurus I have a long list of company names (list a) and a shorter list of company names (list b), i'd like to search for each of the companies in list b within list a BUT need to use fuzzy search, i.e. If list b contains "AAA BBB CCC" - need to know if list a contains either "AAA"...
  11. D

    Index match

    Hi I need an index match to get all the b1:e1 which are greater than 0 Anyone can help ? <tbody> a b c d e f g h i k 1 aaa bbb ccc ddd 2 0 1 0 1 bbb ddd 3 1 2 3 0 aaa bbb ccc 4 2 0 0 0 aaa 5 6 </tbody>
  12. F

    VBA - Comparing two lists with multiple columns and returning mismatches in another range

    I have the following problem that I need to solve with VBA: I have two lists in the same sheet with 3 columns each with multiple rows (about 100). I would like to compare both lists and return the mismatches in another range in the same sheet. The second list is the master list and the...
  13. S

    List cells with "YES" Value

    Hi all In Row 1 I have the heading names i.e AAA BBB CCC DDD etc What I would like in column P, it looks at that the cell value, and if there is a yes. it lists it in column P So :- -----L---- | -----M---- | -----N---- | -----O---- | -----P---- | ----AAA--- | ---BBB--- | ---CCC--- |...
  14. R

    If and countif with two variables

    Hi Forum Hope all is well. I need some help with a formula. I have two worksheets Data and Results. In the results table I have a heat map and the formula matches and counts two variables from data. Example e.g. Column A Column C AAA 2020 AAA 2020 AAA...
  15. Nelson78

    Vba: check string and copy corresponding values

    Hello everybody. I've a situation like this: I've to find the string in cell A2 ("C57") in column F (the recurrences could be 0 or 1), and then copy the values INFO 1, INFO 2 and INFO 3. In this case: B2 EEE C2 CCC D2 AAA I've tried with INSTRING and VLOOKUP, but...
  16. M

    Formula to extract table data

    I can accomplish this task fairly easily with a pivot table or a macro but wanted to see if a formula could be used so it is dynamic. Given a table starting in A1, B1 like this <tbody> Project Level AAA 1 AAA 2 AAA 2 AAA 3 AAA 3 BBB 1 BBB 2 BBB 2 BBB 2...
  17. F

    How to change cell value based on input and other cell vlaues?

    hello, I have a little problem. here is my sample excel data. its fairly large. <tbody> A B C D E AAA AA 1 AAA BB 2 null null 3 BBB CC 4 BBB DD 5 </tbody> So i want to change the values in column A and B. so i want to input a number (1-5) in column B and values...
  18. S

    Unique Records Duplicating

    Hi All I'm an OK user of Access (not VBA) and seeking some assistance. I have a query that is working out the distance between postcodes in the UK. I have for example, 16 unique postcodes in one column of data, and another 16 unique postcodes in another column. I was expecting to get 16...
  19. N

    running long sql in VB

    Hi, I am trying to run multiple lines sql code within VB, but I dont know how to separate/concatenate the code.... part of my code is: vSql = " with AAA as(select BBB,CCC from DDD where ( EEE as 'XX%' or FFF like 'YY%') "
  20. D

    2 Data Set contains time

    I have 2 data sets : 1. Data order <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Product Order Time Qty AAA 1:30 AM 1 AAA 2:00 AM 1 AAA 2:15 AM 1 AAA 2:15 AM 1 AAA 2:15 AM 1 AAA 2:15 AM 1 AAA 2:30 AM 1 AAA 2:30 AM 1 AAA 2:30 AM 1 AAA 2:45 AM 1 AAA 3:00 AM 1 AAA 3:00 AM 1...

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