1. U

    Formula need or VB Code

    DATA FILE <tbody> Grn Name Discount % Class 001 AAA 100 5 002 BBB 100 6 003 CCC 4 004 DDD 100 3 005 EEE 1 </tbody> <tbody> Concession i want to maintain below list just enter 100 in this cell </tbody> <tbody> Sr. No. GRN Name Class 01 001 AAA 5 02 002 BBB 6 03 004...
  2. M

    Filter column based on another column

    Hi, I wish to filter a column based on an input range in same (or another) column for eg. <tbody> A B 1 Account Value 2 bbb 150 3 aaa 100 4 ccc 200 5 aaa 150 6 bbb 250 7 vvv 200 8 aaa 150 9 ccc 100 10 ddd 50 11 sss 250 12 bbb 100 </tbody> Criteria range for the...
  3. Sunline

    Copy , transfer range from w/book AAA to W/book BBB .

    Hello all , I have this macro which can only copy and transfer data one col at a time . Im wanting to copy from workbook AAA range A2:BF434326 to workbook BBB destination A2 . No idea how to alter this macro below . Sub Test() Workbooks("AAA.xlsm").Worksheets("Sheet1").Columns(1).Copy...
  4. V

    VBA macro to replicate rows when multiple match is found in vlookup

    Hi I have data in two spreadsheets as below Sheet 1 Col1 Col2 AAA 01 BBB 02 CCC 01 DDD 03 Sheet 2 Col1 Col2 01 X11 01 X12 02 Y11 02 Y12 02 Y13 03 Z11 I want to match col2 in sheet 1 with Col1 in sheet2 and whenever a match happens i need...
  5. R

    Query Assistance

    Working with databases is new to me so thank you for any assistance you can provide. I have a database where data is stored as follows: Table: Rates <tbody> Company<o:p></o:p> Item<o:p></o:p> Labor Rate<o:p></o:p> Matl Rate<o:p></o:p> AAA<o:p></o:p>...
  6. C

    Vlookup - Display Next Record

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to figure out a vlookup that will display the first result & in the next cell, display the 2nd result, etc On One sheet (tab), There can be multiple rows of the same Employee ID & Customer Name. What I'm trying to do is on the "Employee" sheet (tab) is bring back only...
  7. S

    counting with character in count if formula

    i am using the formula for count if =COUNTIF(A$2:$A2,A2) but it is displaying number for result can it be alphabet <tbody> DATA COUNTIF REQUIRED AAA 1 A AAA 2 B AAA 3 C AAA 4 D AAA 5 E BBB 1 A BBB 2 B BBB 3 C BBB 4 D CCCC 1 A CCCC 2 B CCCC 3 C </tbody>
  8. A

    Remove rows with dublicate field values

    Hi, I have two tables: one with all items from a ERP-system (2), and one with manual correction to the items lists product hierachy (1). The manual corrections (1) can hold items which also will be found in the item list table (2). The two tables are joined in an UNION query. My problem is...
  9. L

    ACCES count common friends / nodes (compare within 1 table)

    I have the table1 below and want to make a table that shows how many friends Ent1 has in common with any other person from Ent1. Eg A (short for AAA) has friends B,C,D,E,F while B has friends A,C,E,F. They have C,E,F in common so the outcome should be AAA BBB 3 Can this be done in acces/SQL? I...

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