1. B

    Extracting TEXT

    Morning all, If I had a row of devices in A:A. iPhone 8 256GB iPhone 8 64GB iPhone 8 64GB + AirPods iPhone 8 64GB + Beats Solo3 iPhone 8 Plus 256GB iPhone 8 Plus 64GB iPhone 8 Plus 64GB + AirPods iPhone 8 Plus 64GB + Beats Solo3 What would be the best formula to just extract the text before...
  2. M

    How can i use a Macro Button to help transfer and sort data from one open workbook to another?

    Hello, Im new to the Macro scene and i enjoy learning with VBA lately I've been having some trouble with moving raw data from one work book to another, i was able to move a few items but im stuck with using IF/than statements. ive gone through some threads to try and recreate some but i keep...

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