1. Z

    find first letters in a string of alphanumerics

    I have a string ex: ".13 - LAR" I would like to get the first letters, or non alphanumeric and non numeric characters of the string. They are not always the same distance from the beginning so I can't use left or right function. However they always begin in the 6th or 7th position. Any thoughts?
  2. G

    Moving "-" From beginning to end.

    I have posted this on another board but I am now on a time crunch so I am grasping at straws. I would use a formula but this is something that will be used again and again by persons other than myself. I need to move the "-" from the end of the number to the beginning. I have cobbled together...
  3. S

    How to add spaces to the both sides of text in a cell

    I need to add spaces in the beginning and end of a text. e.g Text is John. I need 4 spaces before J and 7 spaces after n. How to accomplish this.
  4. T

    Prepaid Schedule

    I am trying to create a prepaid schedule where the beginning and ending dates are mid-month resulting in pro-rated amounts at the beginning and end of the payment schedule. Can someone please help this frazzled person figure the formulas out for my spreadsheet?? I would be most appreciative...
  5. K

    Weird bug in PowerQuery hyperlink generation?

    I have a sheet that generates hyperlinks automatically based on other cell values using a custom column. It has been working fine until now, but I just started seeing some weird bugs in it. My custom column fomula is as follows: "'=HYPERLINK(""" & "URL<url>/files/J01009/" & [Account_Number] &...
  6. S

    adding a zero

    Hi all, my co-worker sent me a file that was originally a csv. I don't have that file, she sent it to me in excel but in the excel for some reason dropped the 0 in the columns if that was the first character in the cell. Is there anyway that I can add a zero to the beginning of each cell...
  7. A

    Vlookup Loop Wildcard - VBA

    Hello, This is a part of the code that i have written, and what i wanted to do is to add a wildcard at the lookup value like in a common formula for instance : =VLOOKUP("*"&C1&"*";A1:B2;2). I need to apply the asterists at the beginning and at the end in the code. Range("E2").Select For i =...
  8. V

    VBA for Check Box or Button

    Hello All, I am just beginning to learn about VBA and I have a file I am beginning to workon. Is there a specific reason to use a check box vs a button to hide or unhiderows? While on the subject what are the limitations to each object? Can someone show me a simple macro that will hide...
  9. Q

    Help on using multiple IF formula

    Hi , I know how to use the Simple IF and IFS formula. I am trying to combine two , three IF formulas based on a set criteria but there is an error in my formula. Could you please help me. Thank you What I would like my formula to do is search for two conditions in two adjacent cells, if...
  10. Q

    formula to copy values to adjacent cells and keep repeating until a new number is visible

    Hello, Could you please help me with 2 sets of formula: 1) A formula to place the "ID#" into the left column labelled "Ledger No" such that if there is a number, the formula should type that number if its a text then to leave it blank. However, I would like the formula to keep repeating the...
  11. B

    If date 15th or less, show beginning of month, if 16th or greater, show beginning of next month

    Hi There, Working on warranties for products and need to determine if it should start the beginning of that month, or beginning of next month. We consider the 1st-15th would be that month, 16th to EOM would be Next month: So... 8/17/18 = 9/1/18 8/14/18 = 8/1/18 8/7/18 = 8/1/18 9/7/18 =...
  12. M

    Pivot - Beginning, Activity, Ending

    Trying to design a pivot table (unfort can't use PQ) to design financial stmnts with columns for: beginning bal, then activity, then ending balance. I was able to create a column in the fact table showing only the beginning balances, but I can't seem to get this to work in the pivots. It...
  13. F

    Tweak formula to add another criteria

    Is there a way I can tweak this formula so it looks at both the teacher and the subject? I've tried adding AND, adding IF (sub=$a4... at the beginning of the formula but doesn't quite work. {=IFERROR(INDEX(Cls,SMALL(IF(Teach=Sheet4!$FV4,ROW(Teach)-ROW(INDEX(Teach,1,1))+1),1)),"")} All help...
  14. F

    Inventory Adjustment Formula

    I have an inventory spreadsheet formula with the following columns: Column A: Beginning Balance Column B: Quantity Received Column C: Quantity Issued Column D: Loss/Adjustment Column E: Ending Balance My formula in Column F would be: Beginning Balance + Quantity Received - Quantity Issued + or...
  15. O

    Hyperlink autofill help

    Hello, I'm trying to simplify the addition of thousands of hyperlinks in a spreadsheet. I have the pictures in a folder and just need to figure out how to get autofill to work with the addressing. The formula below points to the beginning of a series of pictures. How can I drag down and...
  16. C

    VBA to replace first character in cell on multiple sheets

    Hi, I've got a workbook with multiple sheets. All sheets have identical headers All cells in column G contain telephone numbers beginning with 0. Is there any way of cycling through all sheets and changing the first 0 in each cell with +44? Thanks
  17. A

    Find and Select Cell based on cell value

    My sheet contains hundreds of invoices that are separated by numbers in the first column. ex. A B C D 1 Beginning of New Invoice 1 Body Of Invoice 1 End of First Invoice 2 Beginning of...
  18. E

    Calculate Week beginning and Week ending date of CURRENT month only

    Hi Excel Gurus, I'm trying to figure out a formula that will calculate the week beginning and week ending of a specific date BUT only the current month. For example, 8/3/2018 has a week beginning of 7/29/2018 and a week ending of 8/4/2018. What formula can i use so that the week beginning date...
  19. B

    What data type are letters?

    I want to find Lg in my worksheet1. I was wondering what data type I would use? Every data type i have found has been to do with numbers. Just beginning, thanks,
  20. H

    macro to insert rows at the start of a certain number

    I need a macro to insert 2 rows in Col A at the start of the first number in the column beginning with 153, 163, 173 & 193 See sample data of what the data should look like after 2 rows have been manually inserted t the start of the numbers beginning with 153, 163, 173 & 193 it would be...

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