1. A

    sum data of multiple sheets

    hi, experts i have two sheets contain data sheet1 begins from range a5: e and sheet2 begins from a4:g i need code sum data the sheet1 from b5:e with sheet2 from c4:g and the result show in sheet1 from L5:O (NOTE: the topics header sheet1 from a4:e and sheet2 from a3:g
  2. A

    print filled data of invoice with ignore the empty cells

    hi, every one i have data in sheet1 begins from a2: f38 the empty data begins from a17:a32 i just would code print the filled data and ignore the empty data if a17:a32=""
  3. texasalynn

    Formula help

    This seems like it should be an easy solution, but my brain is having a freeze. I have a dataset that only allows me to create measures. I need a DAX that would let me create a revenue field if the customer name begins with I/C. Any suggestions?
  4. J

    Count unique values based on criteria?

    Hi, Looking for a formula to achieve this but confused I have numeric values in Column C which I want to count the uniques: But only where the text value in column F begins with an X
  5. D

    Work Week Calculation

    My workers work an event that begins on different days in my work week. My work week begins on Sun and ends the following Sat. The event may end in a different work week. Is there a way that I can determine the work weeks from a range of dates and calculate their work hours and pay on a work...
  6. C

    How to go to first record that begins with the letter "M"

    I have a long list of names that are sorted in alphabetical order. The list currently starts at A4 and goes down to A1000. Is there a way to quickly jump down to the first cell with cell content that begins with the letter "M" (or "m")? Thanks.
  7. B

    Select The SameTwo rows out of Long Block of Data

    I need to sort two rows out of 30 blocks of data each block with 25 rows of data. I would like to be able to capture those two named rows out of each block and copy them to a new spreadsheet. First row begins with account number 397 and second row begins with account number 498 followed by...
  8. C

    Return string

    Hi! I'm attempting to search for 800 in a cell and return 800 plus 5 digits after.(80051234) I'm currently using: =find(800,AC2)*Left(AC2,8) This is working if the cell begins with 800 but for cells that may contain other numbers or texts first, I'm receiving an error message.
  9. J

    VBA code to Add "00" to any cell in a column that begins with an 8

    I am looking for VBA code to help me add "00" to any cell in a column that begins with an 8. This will allow me to complete a macro that I am working on. Thanks.
  10. J

    Calculate difference of two military times and display as + or - format

    We have a task (Task2) that begins at a time that we track. We can begin that task before or after a different task (Task1) completes, which we also track. I need to determine the difference in these two times (logged in military time) and then convert that time to hh:mm format in order to...
  11. S

    WORD: Deleting all text that begins with a certain string

    I'm trying to create a macro that will delete all lines of text that start with a specified string. For example, each such line begins with "Category" and then is followed with a random length string of additional characters. All these lines do end with the same string, however: "End" I'm...
  12. R

    Extracting specific text from string

    <colgroup><col width="64"></colgroup><tbody> =TRIM(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(MID(D189,FIND("1",D189),LEN(D189))," ",REPT(" ",5)),5)) I'm using this formula to extract text from a string that begins with 1. {after the word find we see 1} This works fine except I now want to insert 1 or 2 where we...
  13. M

    Count if a range of cell begins with a month

    I have a date column formatted in mm/dd/yyyy I have a chart that I want to automatically update as I enter data into the spreadsheet. Here's what I'm looking for help on: <tbody> Month <tbody> Jobs </tbody> Income August count if column A begins with 8 <tbody> SUM column J if...
  14. D

    Return value of cell in range if it begins with...

    Hi I will periodically be pasting the contents of a web page in cell A1 (the paste execution will actually spread the info from A1 down to about A100) The web page always has specific headers which usually paste to the same lines but not always. So in cell B1 I need a formula to look at the...
  15. S

    Auto Filter with Custom begins with criteria

    Hi there, I am looking to be able write a macro that uses autofilter and that the criteria is begins with or doesn't begin with. I have a large spreadsheet that has autofilter on it. When someone is just looking at the spreadsheet they can select the filter arrow manually and do a custom...

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