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    SAP VBA (search text in SAP)

    Hi, I'm looking for a code where i can search for a word in SAP. I can't use setfocus because the word could be in another line for another itemnnumber in the loop. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance! Kind regards, Myrna
  2. H

    Forecasting Curve Distribution

    Hello, I am working on a forecasting model and have run into some trouble when trying to extend the X-Axis of a 12-month Curve Distribution to a longer time frame. Given a distribution of 12 percentages (one for each month), how can I spread the 12 months or periods to say 18 months while...
  3. P

    Normal Distribution not working properly Bell Curve

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do a normal distribution bell curve on a range of salaries. The x-axis seems not to be reading the salaries and hence I am not getting the right bell curve shape even though my data is normally distributed. I've done this before and it worked so I'm confused why its...
  4. W

    Scatter Chart? Bell Curve?

    I have likert scale data: -29.0 through +29.5 I have four different likert scales that need to be graphed in some manner. the original thought was to create a bell curves to demonstrate the commonality of each set of data. - - That has proven difficult, or impossible as I cant figure it out...
  5. T

    Unable to paste data copied from a browser - get a bell sound

    Hello, I'm using one of our (USDA - NRCS) applications that gives a table-like output to my browser. Sometimes there are less than 10,000 records with 11 columns. Many times this output is mostly null fields. But many times the output could be more than 10,000 records. What I do is run the...
  6. E

    Bell curves for housing prices

    Hello Excel users! In short, I'm trying to create a bell curve to show low-end and high-end housing prices that I can afford based on a budget and the curve can adjust according to income. Before I go into detail, may I say that I'm brand new to this site and this is my first question to post...
  7. J

    Apex of a bell curve

    I have a scatter chart with smooth lines that creates a bell curve. Is there a formula i can make based off of the data to calculate the apex of the bell curve or is there an excel function to show the apex number and label it?
  8. U

    How Do I create a (Pretty) Bell Curve in Excel 2010

    Hey guys. I have been having the worse time figuring this out. I am trying to create an attractive bell curve in Excel. My boss has put a lot of pressure on me but I just can't seem to do this. I am trying to create a bell curve based on total sqft of a store. Here is an example the data...
  9. M

    Why my data does not give a bell curve graph? normal distribution formulas used

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to create a bell curve / normal distribution chart but my data does not give a belle curve. What do I do wrong ? Given X values, I use formula z= STANDARDIZE Fx = NORM.DIST <colgroup><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> X z f(x) 490 0.9 0.029 490 0.9 0.029...
  10. T

    how to build a bell curve with infinite degrees of freedom?!

    Hi Guys, i'm trying to create a bell curve for returns given a level of volatility. I need to calculate the infinite degrees of freedom for every point on the bell curve. I've search all over and found various methods for calculating the various deviations but cant find out how to work out...
  11. H

    Really need help generating cash flow values.

    Good afternoon, I am in a very tight pickle in which I am hoping someone can help me, or point me in the right direction. I am given total contract values of for say maybe 30 contractors, as well as the duration they are on the job. The job has begun so there are actual values for roughly 5...

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