1. P

    VBA to create proposal sheet(s)

    Good Morning and thank you for reading. This forum has been a tremendous help! I am new to VBA and self taught with youtube and these forums, so I apologize if my code is sloppy or poorly written. With that being said, I have a workbook that has our bid sheet. I am trying to create the proposal...
  2. H

    VBA rename Table in Name Manger

    Hello All, I have a Macro that duplicates a sheet and unprotected it and copies and paste value from on cell to another also that Sorts it. using the following code: Sub importdata_Unprotect_DAILYBIDsheet()response = MsgBox("HAS ALL EMPLOYEES BEEN ASIGNED A BID LINE?", vbYesNo) If response =...
  3. J

    Help with auto sheet naming and hyperlinks

    Hey everyone. I have a workbook that I use to bid construction jobs with, that I need to update a little. Basically, I have a main totals sheet, and multiple other sheets that I use to add up different materials and labor for different aspects of the job. Molding materials & labor, sheetrock...
  4. G

    Help with adding vba code to existing code that is working

    When I place a number in Cell "C2" of the Bid Calculator. Is there some code that can be placed in this code to find the number from Cell C2 of the Bid Calculator, and place it in the "Legend" Cells "E4:E18" then plus + 1 only in the cell of the same row, of "R4:R18”? As it is formulated now...
  5. S

    navigation through different sheets in same workbook

    hi, ive been successful in creating an estimation sheet based on many different sheets combined in the same workbook. now to offer a bid, ive made a separate sheet by name of BOQ and collected all information/calculations from different sheets into that BOQ and all new items can be added in the...
  6. S

    Applying Conditional Formatting to same cells for multiple sheets (170)

    Greetings Mr.Excel community, First time user as I just discovered the forum, but I can already see myself bringing complex Excel questions here instead the often-fruitless Google searches I've relied on up to this point. Excel File: Project Estimate Workbook Purpose: 170 Bid Sheets exist for...
  7. X

    Return Maximum Gross/Net Proceeds from Auction

    Hi All, I was asked to prepare an excel file that is able to calculate maximum proceeds from an auction of multiple assets. In short, company is liquidating all assets in a court process and we must track bidders for all assets. Some bidders will bid for entire assets while other bidders will...
  8. C

    Index/Match with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I'm really struggling with this one. I believe I need to use an index match lookup combo. The goal is to pull information from sheet 1 into other "forms" (pre-populated sheets) in a workbook. I would like to return all information from column C that has the correct text in columns A...
  9. B

    Complex formula

    Hi, so I have a spreadsheet that we enter employee schedule/bid changes into if they take a new bid. Each bid is assigned a number and from there contains different information across the row pertaining to that bid (days off, hourly rate, Type of job and some other points of information) The...
  10. S

    Viewing the same data on multiple worksheets

    I have two worksheets "Bid" & "Quote". I need the line items in the Bid sheet to be displayed in the Quote sheet. The line items start on A19 and the range is dynamic, since with each bid there will be a different amount of line items. I have tried creating a dynamic Named Range, but when I...

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