1. Jaafar Tribak

    Putting an Hyperlink in a MsgBox !!

    Hi all, I have been playing with this little project recently which, as the thread title states, allows for adding an hyperlink to the native vba MsgBox. At the moment, I managed to make this work with only one hyperlink per MsgBox... This little "tool"can come as a handy, a quicker and a more...
  2. T

    Formula help: Forecast daily sales with multiple variables

    Question: I need help creating a formula that will add multiple variables to a daily forecast. Might require VBA. I do not know VBA. Background: Our sales volumes changes based upon multiple variables such as holidays, paydays, and days of the week. We have run regression analysis that...
  3. K

    Sumproduct Binary - multiple criteria in the same range

    I need to sum deposits for each account number for deposits that have valid codes. I've tried SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT, and run into the same problem of setting criteria to a range of values (E2:E6). Here is where i'm at from a SUMPRODUCT path: =SUMPRODUCT(--($A:$A=$G2),--($C:$C=$E$2:$E$6),$B:$B)...
  4. C

    Binary Data

    I have exported a card database(600 cards) into excel from a security system to upgrade to a newer card reader system. However, the proper and new card reader system reads the card data in reverse. So I have dumped the data in an excel spreadsheet to sort the data around and import to new...
  5. tezza

    Recalculate Split Binary Columns

    Firstly, forgive to code tags, I can't seem to work out how to attached a sheet with excel genie. Looking at the chart below the top row is the binary header value for the columns and each row has been split into single cells. The first block uses the values 3,4,5,6,7 converted to binary. The...
  6. Y

    Extracting BMP from file

    I would like to extract the thumbnail.bmp image of this file and putting it in image box especially using binary access
  7. F

    Basic/Novice Help w/Pasting Protected Data to Another Sheet

    I am trying to copy and paste rows from a 18MB .xlsb protected and heavily filtered -- from column N to column EZ. I want it to paste into a 998kb .xls file. I can't remove the formatting otherwise certain cells, (based off of dates generated from an external application) -- or It will...
  8. P

    Next Language for a Userform?

    I have been working within my company creating UserForms on excel for multiple different inputs and outputs. I'm getting the stage where I feel comfortable to move forward and create an actual program outside of excel. However, I am unsure of the best language for this. Currently I build...
  9. U

    VBA Copy Multiple Sheets Data to Binary File

    Hi Guys, I have excel reference file named as Monthlies xxxx.xls format. Note that xxxx = date which changes every week. The file has 6 Tabs (Sheet 1-6). I need to convert the file first in binary then consolidated Sheet 1-5 on Sheet 1 as it normally consists of 300K lines when combined but I...
  10. U

    VBA Convert to Binary Format And Consolidated Sheet Data

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to ask if you could help me out on this. I have excel file with file name Monthlies xxxx on .xls format. Note that xxxx = date which changes every month. The file has 6 Tabs (Sheet 1-6). I need to convert the file first in binary then consolidated Sheet 1-5 on Sheet 1 as...
  11. F

    Write hex values to binary file in VBA Excel

    Hello to all, I want to write the hexadecimal values to a binary file in order they look the same when I open in hex editor. My current code is this: Sub Write2Binary() Dim i As Integer Dim nFileNum As Integer Dim sFilename As String sFilename = "D:\OutputPath\Test.bin" strBytes = "F3...
  12. J

    Formula longer than 8192 characters. Identify cell?

    Receive an error: "One or more formulas in this workbook are longer than allowed limit of 8192 characters. To avoid this limitation, save the workbook in excel binary workbook format." Workbook contains thousands of used cells. How can I identify the cell that is longer than 8192 characters...
  13. T

    Large File Size Slow to Respond to Scrolling

    I have a large file that is about 2,000 kb in size. I am looking to add more rows in it with formulas and when I do the file slows up. The file does contain a few Macro's. I have tried saving the file as "Binary" and I even change the Calculation Options to "Manual". Even with a smaller file...
  14. B

    unwanted quotes in string output

    I have a little bit of VBA code which reads a 13MB binary file into memory. Once there I want to edit it and write it out to a second file. The problem is, using the write command, (WRITE #2 ,a$ - where a$ is my edited 13MB string), I get chr(34)'s inserted at the beginning of the output and...
  15. B

    Importing .txt file into vba

    I tried searching for answer for a couple days, cannot find one. Maybe you guys can help. I am trying to load data from an .txt file, split the columns, and paste the data into excel using vba. I managed piece together a macro, but pasting the data line by line is very slow. How can I speed up...
  16. J

    Difficulty with lookup tables - Binary/Hex

    Hello all, I ave just completed converting decimal to binary without the use of DEC2BIN. However now I am moving onto converting this concatenated 8 bit binary number into Hex, without the use of BIN2HEX. What I have done so far is set up a vertical table with two columns, one with 16 values...
  17. S

    Counting the (1) in a binary number.

    Hi, I have a this formula in W1465 : =RIGHT((DEC2BIN((MOD(U1465,4096)/512),3) & DEC2BIN(MOD(U1465,512),9)),7) Which return the binary string of a number. I'm looking for a formula in cell AB1465, that will count how many digits (1) are in that string ? Thank you.
  18. D

    Automatic Dashboards

    Good night, I started interning in an office where my boss asked me the following: "I'm going pass to you the sales KPIs, for you automate the dashboards generation" From what I understand ... the office uses a website to generate various reports in "Excel Binary Sheets". My boss takes...
  19. B

    Random binary string generation?

    Hi Peoples; - I require to generate a col string of random 0's or 1's - (no blank cells) effectively just a simple random binary data string. The appliance of weighting is not required... I would have thought this would be available as a simple Excel function but cannot locare it...? Thank...
  20. D

    How to convert String Picture back to Object, Decoding again

    Here Encoder how to convert to Decoder Sub EncdPic() Call EncodeFilebase64("C:\Users\User\Desktop\Untitled.png") '"FullPath with Pic Extention" End Sub Public Function EncodeFilebase64(strPicPath As String) As String Dim PicExtn As String, FLPath As String Dim StrPath As...

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