blank cell equals zero

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    Why is my index/match returning a 0 sometimes, and an error other times?

    Hi there! I am working with a large dataset, pulling from multiple sources. I have used the combination of index and match many times in this exact situation for different projects and in other areas of this same workbook with no problems. The formula returns an error when the cell it's drawing...
  2. L

    Return blanks instead of zeros if no data in column (MINIFS formula)

    I currently am using this formula: =MINIFS(AH$71:AH$120,D$71:D$120,$D$4) However, if there is no data in cells AH71:AH120, then it returns a zero. I want to formula to return blanks rather than a zero. How can I adjust my formula to do so? Thanks in advance.
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    Using multiple IF functions?

    Hi all, I've created a spreadsheet for work to show job completion dates. I have 3 columns with the following headers: Job Completion date Job Deadline date Overdue? I want a formula that can show whether a job is still on time or overdue, but also returning text saying "Not yet completed" if...
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    graphing over blank empty cells ... i.e., skipping blank cells

    I have created a graph to show readings over time and I use the option to skip over empty or blank cells. Problem is that my formula to create empty cells is not creating truly empty or blank cells. The example formula is =IF(A1=3,A1,"") ... The =IF statement checks cell A1 and if it finds...
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    Why won't this formula work for me?

    Hi, I'm teaching myself excel as I go, so my knowledge is basic. Most of what I know if from here! I'd like this formula to present a blank cell if no data is inputted.. however it just says 0...
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    Formula to test if a cell is equal to "0" and not blank

    I have a challenge to come up with the simplest way to test if a cell is equal to 0. If I use A1=0, I get a TRUE response if the cell is 0 or if it is blank. If I use A1="0", I get a FALSE when it should be TRUE. I hoping to find something simpler than having to use a compound statement like...

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