blank row

  1. T

    Sorting with blank rows

    Hi, I need help sorting the table with VBA code. There are four rows and three columns of data. The sort is on Last Name, then First Name When I use the standard sort procedure, the blank rows are listed as rows 1 and 2. I appreciate the help. Joe
  2. larinda4

    VBA: Fill Columns until Blank Cell in Another Column

    Hi guys, I have my code below. I need to "auto fill" my formulas in cells H2:P2 down until it hits the first blank row. Unfortunately, the code I'm using will auto fill until the last row used in the sheet. I have inserted a blank row between data where I would need the code to stop. I have it...
  3. K

    VBA sort each dataset without removing blank rows

    Hi to all and thanks in advance for the help... I am trying to create a macro which will do the following in my sheet: I want to sort (each time with a column of my choice), each one of the small data sets, which are located between empty lines of a large data set. For example: I want to sort by...
  4. S

    Code Optimization - Copy cells from one sheet to another - remove blank rows

    While I was able to get code to work and do what it is I am wanting, something tells me that there are much better ways to do what I am trying to accomplish? Essentially, I am wanting to copy the contents of cells from "ClientDB" BJ4:BK(lastrow), BN4:BO(lastrow) - and so on and then have those...
  5. M

    VBA adding a blank row in column D when values change, only in visible cells - Excel

    Hi! I want my VBA code to insert two blank rows whenever the cell value in column d changes. And since i have used some autofilters, i only want it to do this function on visible cells. I have this: Dim GCell As Range SearchText = "" Set GCell = Cells.Find(SearchText).Offset(0)...
  6. D

    excel vba to insert black row in filtered data

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create a vba which inserts a blank color filled row above every cell in Column B which contains the text "BASE". pseudo code: if cell contains "BASE" then insert blank row above and fill the whole row in Black else move on to next cell
  7. L

    Paste certain cells to the first blank row of another worksheet

    Hey Excel community, I have tried different solution approaches from this thread but they don't seem to fit my specific situation (or I'm making a fundamental mistake, who knows haha). I'm working on a document for meeting minutes and I want to paste the topics of the agenda to the worksheet...
  8. T

    VBA find blank row

    I'm a newbie when it comes to VBA, so any help is appreciated! If I have set of data in Excel of lets say 500 rows and rows 50, 100, and 300 are blank. Is there a way with a macro to find and select the first blank row in the data set and insert an additional blank row there? Additionally is...
  9. J

    Checking if a Row is empty - CountA not working

    Hello - I am having a lot of trouble trying to get this line to work: If WorksheetFunction.CountA(bFind) = 0 Then Goto a: I have 3 columns and the following code looks for a value "B2" (through "B5") in row(3) and then inserts a blank row on the first instance each is found. It works for the...
  10. J

    Checking if row is empty so as to jump code

    Hello - I am trying to write a code that looks for certain values, and when it finds the first occurrence it creates a blank row. BUT if macro is ran again, it looks for empty rows and skips or jumps the code that makes empty row. It is working in part, but the line checking for a blank row is...
  11. D

    VBA Entering data from a form into the next blank line

    Hello, I know that similar questions have been asked before, but I am having difficulty translating the solutions into something I can use. I have devised a data entry form, which needs to paste the data into the spreadsheet on the next empty row at the bottom. The procendure runs when you...
  12. E

    Help in Counting rows

    Hello All, I am using Excel 97, Windows XP. I need help in counting. Sample of my data is given below: Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Company Name Date Director Name Director Designation No. of Directors 20 Microns Ltd. 3/31/2002 Chandresh Parikh Chairperson & Managing...
  13. B

    Insert blank row, then continue filling in data until next condition is met (hard to explain in short)

    My problem is as such: I have a sheet of data that is very frequently updated, but needs an easy overview for some other code to work. Basically, this data-sheet needs to be able to insert a blank row every time a specific condition is met. Actually, it's easier to show: Input...
  14. S

    Return row number of blank row

    I have a set of spreadsheets and each one has a blank line somewhere in the middle area. I need a formula that I can place at the bottom of each spreadsheet that returns the row number of the blank row. Alternatively, finding one blank cell and returning its row number would work as well if...
  15. S

    Last non-blank row in a column part 2

    Hi, Apologies if this has already been asked, but I'm after a reasonably concise (and non-VBA if possible) way of identifying the row number of the last non-blank row in a set of rows from a given position (like the line number of the last word in any given paragraph of text on page with 20...
  16. L

    Remove blank in pivot table without pivot filter

    Hello, I have a pivot table issue with blank columns and rows in my pivot table. How can I remove this WITHOUT the filter in the pivot table? the "-" indicate a completely blank cell. As you see, the column header and rows are blank. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 431pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
  17. R

    Pasting macro for skipping blank cells

    Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble with a macro I'm using to select certain info. I don't know much about VBA but I copied a couple old macros I previously had and I've modified them to try and suit the application. It didn't work for me though. (failed miserably actually) I'm doing up a...
  18. C

    How to specify fixed range for data scan

    New to Excel I am using a worksheet that has a designed form of 2 pages side by side formatted in page layout mode. Page 1 uses columns B:J, Page 2 uses columns L:T. Data is entered in only rows 7 - 55. Page 1 data area B7:J55 Page 2 data area L7:T55. Line 58 contains sum totals of each...

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