1. J

    Macro to select block of cells based on reference and hightlight cells in alternating colour

    Hello, I have reference cells in column A which multiple rows in a block can be the same reference value. They arent in a numerical order so cant select evens/odds but I want to highlight the alternating ‘blocks’ of reference cells to make it easier to see the change in reference. If someone...
  2. D

    Table from excel to email body

    i am trying to simply paste a some values from a pivot table to an email body via VBA, i have deployed Ron DeBruin's methodology - RangetoHTML but my organisations blocks the file type this method uses. is there an alternative? Many thanks
  3. H

    Count of cell blocks

    Hi all, I am trying to solve a pattern problem and need your help desperately. Is doing my head in. So I have a number of clients that have booked an appointment. As you can see in the file the weeks are at the top. What I want to find out for each customer is: 1. count the number of...
  4. I

    Count # of Sequences in a range

    Hi there, I have a huge data set (10 units and 5 years data set) that contains for each unit an indicator whether a unit is fully or partially operational or zero if not in operation. I am interested to know the number of blocks (a block is defined as a sequence of fully or partially...
  5. N

    Time Bending Conundrum!

    Hello Clever People, I have another query for you that is probably so obvious you'll have me as a fool. Anyway, onto my "problem". I'd like to create a formula to enable me to convert units of time to hours and minutes. The units of time are blocks of 6 minutes. So 10 blocks = 1 hr (or) 60...
  6. M

    Can't get new measure based off other measures in Power pivot to work, please help.

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I am using excel 2019 on a desktop, not Power Bi. I am trying to create a measure in power pivot that, despite repeated attempts, is not working. I have, in other scenarios, divided one measure by another to get a % I needed (or the decimal), but...
  7. G

    EXCEL 2013 Sheet and blocks barcode

    Barcode scanner, 60 sheets. I need the active block to be A1 on a specific sheet . So if Paul scans his barcode i need the active block to go to his sheet, and if john scans his barcode i need the active block to go to John s sheet A1 ?
  8. M

    Sum by blocks

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to sum column "C" depending on as per column "D" blocks (blocks consist with 0's or largest to lowest number ended with 1)</SPAN></SPAN> Here is a small example... </SPAN></SPAN>...
  9. J

    Very slow saving of small xlsb file

    Hello all, i have a small xlsb file- 1.3 Mb that works just fine until i try to save it- then it blocks for about 5 minutes and i dont understand why. Can u help me with some advices? Thank you!
  10. T

    Complex lookup

    Good morning everybody. I have a spreadsheet which is made up of six identical, adjacent blocks of data, each of twenty columns or so. The structure of each block of data is identical. Within those six blocks of data, I need to be able to find a value (which can only appear once), and look up...
  11. V

    Selecting Group of Rows with spaces in between

    Hi, I have a s/sheet which has multiple blocks of Rows. I used Lastrow to get the last row and the Startrow to get the last block of rows. However, I am unable to select two other blocks above the last block. There is a single blank row in between these rows. Lastrow = .Cells(.Rows.Count...
  12. E

    VBA - Write after the last row with content

    Hello, I have code which generates table blocks of different sizes. You have for instance blocks in the following ranges: D19:F45; H19:J31; L19:N36 I am writing a loop which generates blocks underneath the 3 blocks stated above. If I wouldn't know how big the three blocks are and I would want...
  13. P

    Highlighting Filtered Cell Data in different work sheet

    Hello, I'm preparing a sheet for a construction site, the first sheet contains all the construction materials details in Sheet 1 Column A. Sheet 2 contains the list of dealers/shops who sells the products mentioned in the Sheet 1, each coulmn here contains Dealers/ shop name and materials which...
  14. S

    Repetitive date and filtering

    Hello, İn atteched file there are datas which are in every 5 columns.I will use block instead of 5 columns Each two blocks columns are a group. I need to find same date of these two blocks columns and sort by filtering those which are repetition will be at the beginning with their datas.(with...
  15. R

    Count varied number string in a cell

    I would like to count the number of times a number string (numbers in bold in Column A) occur in a cell (# in Column B) throughout my file of XXX # of rows. The number string varies in length but the format is always constant (i.e. #.##.##.#). Thanks, in advance, to all for your help! <tbody>...
  16. R

    #DIV/0! error when cells are blank

    Hello. I have a timetable on Excel. The first worksheet is organized into blocks of different activities. For each activity there are staff members and participants listed. On the second worksheet, I use formulae like this one...
  17. G

    Finding consecutive numbers and then taking average of middle 50%

    In the table below the first column is my data, the second and third are what I want. Any ideas how to do this would be really appreciated.:biggrin: Basically I want to find consecutive blocks of 4 or more numbers within the #N/As and copy these. I then want to use TRIMMEAN on each block to trim...
  18. T

    VBA to delete specific objects in worksheet

    :confused:I am having trouble creating VBA to delete specific objects in a worksheet before I copy that worksheet to a new workbook. I have several macro buttons and signature blocks in worksheet1 and when I click my export button I need the macro buttons to go away but the signature blocks to...
  19. D

    Creating Merged cells via a sparate linked document

    I have a document that I list time blocks for separate locations during a specific timeline. I would like to link those time blocks to a different document that has a timeline across the top and the rows beneath will populate the time blocks automatically. I have multiple users submitting time...
  20. P

    Best Practice or Suggestions on Creating a Register for Transactions in a INPUT and OUTPUT of Block / Credit Data

    Hi guys, it's been a little while. But we have a new challenge. Here's the breakdown: I am compiling a list or more specifically a register of transactions. I have a log of data that is INPUT, and I have a separate log that is OUTPUT. I have both these logs, and want to reconcile them, as a...

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