1. M

    Checking values in different sheets and paste if existing in new cell

    Hi, I have a document with different sheets named year (215,2016, etc). Each sheetcontain data from car manufacturers. Fo example: Sheet A (2015) AUDI BMW Toyota Ford Volvo Volvo Sheet B (2016) BMW Citroen BMW BMW AUDI In each sheet, a manufacturer can be stated several times. I need...
  2. NSRaceway

    IF criteria is met count ?

    A B C 1 Today's Date 2 BMW London 2/11/18 3 Honda Manchester 4 BMW Liverpool 4/4/17 Required Return - IF A2 = BMW & IF B2 = London & IF within today's date -365...
  3. M

    Sort Formula on different categories

    Hi Guys, I have the following sheet (the actual one includes 1000 line in it), How can i use a sort formula to actually sort in a descending way for each category (i.e: Cars, Bikes...) Thanks. <tbody> Item Sales Cars 42 BMW 12 Mercedes 3 Renault 9 Citroen 18 Bikes 24 BMW 7...
  4. R

    VBA - List from Table (simple-

    I have The following in a table in Cell A1:B6 I have the Car (Audi BMW) listed in cell C1 and D1. And need to obtain all the names under each car. eg tom and tim would be under BMW. Need this in a VBA code please <tbody> NAme Car phil Audi andy Audi jack Audi tom BMW tim BMW </tbody>
  5. N

    Countif not to include duplicates

    How do I set a countif but dont want to count duplicate names? Example a sales team of 5 sold x number of iteams but then Adams name may come up several times due to mutiple things sold. I just want the countif to count name once? example below Sorry having some issues in upload I'll give you...
  6. O

    top n list by criteria (including between dates)

    Hi! I am trying to figure out how to make a top n list of the most common text based og 2 criterias (date between and text) Assuming i have a list as shown below, in columnD i want to be able to list the top n colors from columnA based on the criteria that it is an Bmw (columnB) and sold date...

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