1. N

    VBA copy visible cells to email body below text

    Hi All, Have the below code, almost there, but body text is currently going below the copied table and also want to add a signature. Code- to copy visible cells in range into email body.
  2. P

    Emailing from (?) Pivot data

    I'd appreciate some guidance, please. I'm running a dinner where each member can invite guests. I'd like to use Excel as the data source to send an email to each member's email address, with the body containing details of each guest (name, diet, confirmation etc). I've created a pivot table...
  3. J

    Email 'Do It All Super' Button

    Hello! I would like to send an email from excel that has a pre-populated body of text that but also pulls some data from an excel sheet to populate parts of the email. So for example, you would click the macro....a prompt would ask for a row number and based on that, the email box would pop...
  4. W

    VBA split string and add to HTML body with formatting

    Hi all, I am trying to separate string from a cell based on character present and add it after to HTML body. Sample text (all in one cell): <tbody> Need to separate it by ";" and add it to HTML body for better look, like this: Think this is somewhat common problem, but can not find a...
  5. P

    Email BODY error lines all in red

    Hi Please can you help on the code below, this is in my command button but the email body is all in red, please can you help? Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() Dim aOutlook As Object Dim aEmail As Object Dim rngeAddresses As Range, rngeCell As Range, strRecipients As String Set aOutlook =...
  6. A

    Can I use Mailto and body to generate an email that includes working hyperlinks

    Hello, I am new to excel and I am unsure if what I am trying to dois possible. I cannot use VBA/macros for this as our sharepoint site does notsupport macro enabled workbooks. I am using a mailto:formula to create an email, and I have body and subject set up...
  7. R

    Auto save to PDF and email macro

    Hi all, I've confused myself once again and can't figure this one out. I'm trying to figure out the macro to save file as a PDF in the Set Printing Area and attach the PDF file to new email template in outlook so that way the user can write who it's got to be emailed to. And if it's possible...
  8. D

    Table from excel to email body

    i am trying to simply paste a some values from a pivot table to an email body via VBA, i have deployed Ron DeBruin's methodology - RangetoHTML but my organisations blocks the file type this method uses. is there an alternative? Many thanks
  9. U

    VBA to email selected range in body of email and add the same selected range as an attachment

    Hello! I'm hoping I explain this correctly but what I'm trying to do is use vba to send an email where the selected range is added to the body of the email and at the same time add the same selected range as an attachment to the email. I'm currently using Ron de Bruin's "Mail Range/Selection in...
  10. E

    send pre-defined email to email list from excel

    Dear all I have currently a macro which I run to generate a report. Once finished the report needs to be sent to several people. The email list of people, subject of the email and body text are saved under the tab "email" as you can see below I want to also only send the tab named...
  11. 1

    vba to send email using data in fields

    Hi, to those who use vba regularly, I'm sure this is an easy one. I have an excel spreadsheet with a number of columns. I currently paste data into email fields to send. I currently send 14 emails. some emails contain more values than others, example below. First email To D2 Subject "Test...
  12. C

    Mail to be sent from Excel with info from specified columns

    Hi Team I would like to send a mail from excel with the info from - specified columns - Specific email body Please see screenshot - SDA email - that should be To - TL Email - That should be in CC - Reason and INC/WO should be in subject with line "Returned Ticket...... - Email body - "Your...
  13. J

    Document Content to Body of Email

    Good morning, Hoping all you wonderful folks out there can help me, I am trying to find a vba script to open a word document and copy the contents and create a new email message and use the document contents as the email body, is this possible using vba? Thanks
  14. B

    Chart or Pivot Table to be included in the body of email VBA

    Hi, ANy suggestions how to include graph from a sheet to the body of the email in OUtlook 2010?
  15. B

    How to include Pivot Table and Chart in the body of email

    Hi All, Please help me to automate sending of email from excel file. In the body of the email, I would like to include my pivot table and chart from sheet("Graph"). I'm using outlook 2010. Any help will do. Thank you I found an example here but my chart is not showing on the body of the email...
  16. E

    Extract Data to Email Body (from a VBA newbie)

    Hi all, I have a form that staff complete. Cells A1:B6 contains information. I need VBA writing to complete the following: Send to designated email address Subject line to be B1 and B2 (example "Mr Smith 12 May 2019") Copy information from A1:B6 into the body of the email The user should...
  17. A

    problem search in sheet and show result in listbox

    actually i have problem in this code when i searh in textbox1 to show the resault in listbox it gives me the wrong in code any body can help me, please
  18. V

    Mail from excel

    Hi, I am building a code where mails will be send automatically from excel according to felds. Like email ids will get seleced from cell B2, CC from C2 and so on.. i have finished some part of it the only issue is that i want snapshot of the table mentioned in another tab (Table). We can...
  19. T

    Change body of Outlook e-mail location to hyperlink

    In Excel, I have created a sub that creates an e-mail in Outlook and adds some text in the body. In particular, I have text which is a location, such as: C:\MyLocation\MyFiles\ The problem is this is displayed simply as text. I want it to be hyperlink. Can it be done with VBA from Excel...
  20. H

    Add attachment to email and copy a range into email body

    Hi, I have followed the code set by Ron de Bruin below i now have two modules. One will create an email with an attachement, the other will create an email with a range from one of my sheets pasted into the body of the email. For some...

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