1. H

    amend code to extract .xls if not specified ob .xlsm if specified

    I have workbooks names in Col a on sheet1 that are .xls files if not specified eg M_BR1 Sales (P). M_ERT Sales (P) Etc I have specifiedthe .xlsm files eg M_BR3 Sales (P).xslm I have code below to create an email in outlook and to attach the sheet "summary", which works perfectly where...
  2. C

    CODE for Sending active sheet as body of the email

    Hi, Good Day guys! I need help on the code for sending an email (item.display instead of item.send). I want to have the TO CC and Subject ("Portfolio Dashboard Red and Yellow Report" + a prior specific date included (ex. Portfolio Dashboard Red and Yellow Report 27-2-2019) reflected as well...
  3. Y


    I want to do as the title states. Print a certain range as pdf and send as attachment with a choice of a body. Can someone help me ? Thanks YM
  4. I

    If one cell in a column has the desired data, then mark the cell x rows below it

    I have a large text file I want to extract the email headers from. Every email is different, and there is no standardized way the data is organized. Let's say headers run for 2 -10 rows but they are all random and all different Let's say the largest sized header is 10 lines Each email has a...
  5. T

    Create a simple HTML editor in a Userform

    Hi all, I have an excel sheet that performs some automatic tasks, one of them is creating a string that contains a HTML formatted text that contains the body of an email and then sending it via email. I'd like to have the possibility of showing the formatted result of the email body generated...
  6. sharky12345

    Insert hyperlink into Outlook message without HTML

    Is it possible to insert a hyperlink with a friendly name in the body of an Outlook message without using HTML? I have a range of Cells that contain web addresses and I want to be able to add them to the message body but with a friendly name is possible to cut down on the body size. The reason...
  7. D

    How to save a file with unique name, export specific range to pdf and email to specific addresses with specific heading and body text.

    Hello, I have taken on a new role and have never used VBA before. I can absolutely see that using VBA to automate some of the more repetitive tasks my new team do would be a great thing for me to do. There is so much information on these and other boards and sites that putting together what I...
  8. B

    Multiple Email body to same recipient

    Hi, I wrote a VBA Code to send a mail to the recipient based on a criterion. My next step is a bit complex and I am not sure how to proceed. Problem: I have a criterion, passing which, a mail will be sent to a recipient. But there shall be several instances where the criterion is TRUE and...
  9. C

    Send XLS in email body

    I am using the code below to email my xls info in the body oif the email. I would like to be able to add some text before the data. Addionally I would like to specify what email address it is sent from and to use that address outlook signiture. Can anyone help? Sub SendSelectedCells() 'Copy...
  10. W

    Email from excel issue - addding text

    Here is a portion of the macro I am using to email from a worksheet. Everything works fine except when I try to add something to the Body of the email it is replacing the portion of the email with the data from excel. I am trying to add a predefined message in the body and then add the excel...
  11. A

    Find and Select Cell based on cell value

    My sheet contains hundreds of invoices that are separated by numbers in the first column. ex. A B C D 1 Beginning of New Invoice 1 Body Of Invoice 1 End of First Invoice 2 Beginning of...
  12. F

    Create an outlook task with a range from excel in the body of the task

    Hi Everyone My first post, I'm new to VBA but have got a lot of help from this site from articules already posted, but this is the first time I cannot find what I'm looking for hence the post. I'm using Winows 10 64bit with office 2016. I have an excel file that I'd like to create a task from...
  13. Z

    Paste into body of email Vba

    HI, Working on a macro and need help. Just trying to paste this range below into the body of an email in outlook. I already copied range opened email with vba. I just don't know how to paste this below into body of email. As I can not record it see the outcome. Range("B4:H11").Copy Thanks
  14. N

    VBA Email With Bootstrap

    Hello, I was attempting to generate an email with an HTML body using a bootstrap CDN I noticed the bootstrap was not being recognized. Is there a way to achieve this or are external CDN's not allowed in the HTML body of the VBA code. Thank you
  15. B

    named range referenced in formula

    Hi, I have a sheet with data points and another reference sheet with the different ways to write different body parts. The idea is to see which body parts/ appear in each data row, but because there are multiple ways to say the same body part, I have put the different variations of body part...
  16. A

    Email using VBA but changing a few words in Body depending on Recipient

    Hello, I need to send out a standardized email, but I need to change a few fields within the body of the email to reflect names specific to the recipient. It's pretty simple, but I can't find anything specific to this case. Example: Hello _______, Here are your login credentials: Username...
  17. P

    VBA Resize a powerpoint slide that is copied into outlook email body

    Hi all, I have a macro that creates multiple emails and copies a powerpoint slide into the body of each email using the "Getinspector.wordeditor" function. Im now trying to resize (make bigger) the slide that gets pasted into each email body. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
  18. H

    email to extract values from shweet

    I have written code to email and attach a sheet, which works perfectly, except part of the email body per the code below is not being extracted strBody = strBody + "Attached please find Sales for the period _ " + Sheets("Report Name").Range("B8").Text + Sheets("Report...
  19. P

    VBA Copy a powerpoint slide into email body

    Hi all, Im trying to create a VBA that inserts a powerpoint slide into the body of an email. Not sure if thats even possible... If possible, it would open a prompt to me select the powerpoint file (using Application.GetOpenFilename maybe), then the macro would copy only the first powerpoint...
  20. T

    Excel table to mail via Commandbutton.

    Hello, im trying to figure out how to make this code better. currently the code only takes one row,since its based on cell position. Dim i As Integer, Mail_Object, Email_Subject, o As Variant Dim TypeS As String TypeS = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Orderoversikt").ListColumns(1).Range.Column...

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