1. xperson

    Errors in Chapter 9, Pages 142-143 of "Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)"

    This is the second and the last post about the errors I have encountered in Chapter 9 of the Kindle version of the book "Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)” by Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad. See “Hidden Error in Chapter 9, Page 141” for the first post. Pages 142-143...
  2. xperson

    Hidden Error in Chapter 9, Page 141 of "Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)"

    Hi everyone! This is my first post in this forum. I bought the Kindle version of Bill & Tracy's good book "Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)" two months ago through Amazon. Having started from the first chapter, I have been studying it since then in my free time...
  3. S

    What version of Excel Power Programming with VBA? Should I “J Walk” or not?

    I’m planning on buying the Excel Power Programming with VBA book; however, I understand that John Walkenbach’s writing was the magic that made the book great. So I’m not sure which version/edition to buy 1. 2013 or earlier version - John Walkenbach (J Walk) is the undisputed author — but the...
  4. N

    Excel Book Enquiry

    First post here and purely asking as I haven't found the answer through informational search. I completely appreciate below might not be the best use of Excel and that there are other tools that would probably be more suitable. I am looking for a MS Excel book for non(strictly)-formula/pivot...
  5. M

    How to copy formula text ONLY from a cell then paste it into a cell in another workbook?

    Hi I'd like to copy the text of a formula in a cell, then paste that text into a cell in a different workbook, without the formula changing. I can't use 'copy' then paste special xl paste formulas, because the reference changes when the formula is pasted into the other workbook. What would...
  6. S

    Delete ranged names

    So I have an interesting one for you all. I have a master workbook I made for a gradesheet and put it in the public folder. When a new class starts the instructor will make a new folder for that class and copy the master book into that folder. It is still in beta mode, so as the classes have...
  7. D

    Excel tab menu options some greyed out?

    Hi I have a work book with many tabs, Excell 2019 the book or tabs sheets are not protected. The menu options (all except 3 of) in the tab menus are greyed out. Can anyone assist as to why this is? Note it is only this one workbook as with other workbooks it does not apply. Regards
  8. B

    Not sure how to do this easily?

    Hi I have created a work book which is basically which is a stock control book which covers a fiscal year. my problem is that the prices are set in one column for each month by linking each month to the next separately this allow or price changes at the beginning of each month. For each month...
  9. K

    Buttons on works Books

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to make some changes to an old work book. It has some buttons that are slightly different to anything I have come across before. I am used to buttons that have a macro assigned to them, however these buttons are all triggered by cmd_Click events on the work sheets...
  10. A

    Filter a two sheets in a work book and delete visible rows

    Hi All, I have a workbook that as two sheets with master data. Each week I have to send only the relevant data to specific users. I need a macro that will select the criteria on the filter, on each sheet in 'Column B' with everying except the data that need to be sent to the user and delete...
  11. J

    Recommendation on the best MS excel book

    I am a beginner and want to learn ms excel 2016. Which book should I get? Any recommendations?
  12. M

    How to extract and list unique values from a range excluding blanks and zeros

    Hi All, I have a range of data a1:a10000. In this range there are duplicate values, unique values, blanks and zeros. I am looking for a formula that I can copy fill from B1 that will list only unique values, whilst excluding zeros and blanks. A1 = Book A2 = Book A3 = A4 = 0 A5 = Toy A6 =...
  13. M

    Pasting Book Page

    This macro should open up the file (Food room book 2), copy/paste the selected range into the SkutoSkutemplate and then close the page (Foodroom book 2). Range("A1:J810").Select Selection.Copy Windows("SkutoSkuTemplate1").Activate ActiveSheet.Paste...
  14. G

    need macro file with macro button to import and split the data in to multiple work books

    I need a macro file with the macro button where it should work as below. - When I click on the macro button, pop up should open to select the report from my local drive(the report will be in .xls or .xlsx or .csv format) - Once I selected the report it should ask for the column name to input. -...
  15. Z

    Copy certain lines from active sheet and paste it to book 1 and 2

    HI, Trying to do something like this If "Yards" is in column A then copy and paste all the rows to a new book If "Grass" is in Column A then copy and paste all the rows to a new book. The only thing is Grass or Yard wont start in Column A till row 2. Row 1 has my headers and I need to take...
  16. L

    Vlookup based on conditional match

    Hi, have a spreadsheet with list of book titles in column c and page counts in column E. Looking for vlookup formula that returns the title of the longest book - Thanks for your help.
  17. S

    VBA copy & paste code check

    Hi, i'm trying to write some VBA code to open several workbooks, copy a column, and past into the book I run the macro from. I need the data I copy over to all go into the same column. Here is my code: Sub MeToo_Paste() 'Assign Report Book Dim x As Workbook 'Assign Source Books Dim y As Workbook...
  18. I

    How to printout a specific number of sheets in a work book based on a value entered

    I have a workbook where in the 1st sheet I have a spot to enter a value and then I want to click a button and it will print the next corresponding sheets in the work book. For example if 5 is entered it will print the next 5 sheets in the workbook
  19. P

    Automate my recurring work

    i have to copy data from many workbooks and paste it in one Master file (One after the other/), range will vary from one work book to other work book but all starts in sheet2 row 10), all workbooks and master data file saved in one folder Kindly help to run this with macro
  20. S

    How to upload Data From Work book using Connections

    I have Work book 1,2,3,4,5.... 12 in ever work book i got Target, Achievement as Area, Finance etc. i Have work book named Report.xls here i got Sum of Area of 12 work book, it percentage to target. Now i need, whenever i download workbook 1 2 3 4 etc, the report table to be updated...

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