1. J

    Function to replicate nested If-Then-Else for unlimited cases

    Hi, New to this forum, so I apologize in advance if this is being placed in the wrong section. I'm working on replicating a formula that I currently have created without VBA, but excel limits its functionality. The context of this formula is as follows For C1 if B1 = false then C1 = 0, else...
  2. D

    How to match worksheet names against global variable?

    Objective: I would like to ask the user if when the name the worksheet the same as an already existing spreadsheet tabe if they would like to overwrite it or unload the user form. I am not sure of two things: 1. how to find the already existing tab? 2. Once I find out how do I programatically...
  3. D

    Condtional Format on a datasheet form with multiple criteria, boolean

    Hello, I try to get this conditional formatting going on a datasheet form on which I display a query result. However it's not working properly with the OR criteria. If Field1 equals 5 and the Description is un-equal to either textvalue, it should get a defined format. Somehow it takes only the...
  4. R

    How can I filter a PowerPivot table based on a calculated measure?

    Hi, I'm trying to build a system that can localize large deviations in survey data. Right now I'm using PowerPivot to calculate all the "weekly answer levels" for the survey questions (as a percentage). Also I have created a four-week moving average which I compare the to the weekly answer...
  5. B

    If Workbook Contains a Circular Reference then

    Hello, I'm trying to get something like this to work (simplified for example, I know excel already warns me): Sub CircTEST() If ActiveWorkbook.CircularReferences.Count > 0 Then MsgBox ("Circ Ref") Else MsgBox ("NO Circ Ref") End If End Sub Didn't think it would be too difficult...
  6. P

    Default Boolean variable value set to "True" instead of "False"

    Hi, I've read that the default valuie of a Boolean variable is set to "False". However, i have the following piece if code where the default value seems to be "True". Function checkForFree(longTr As Boolean, opType As Integer, goingS As Boolean, curZone As Zone) As Facility ' rest of code...
  7. L

    Deleting rows on false AND #VALUE!

    I have a sheet, where Column A has Boolean values. However there are also cells with #VALUE!. I want to delete the entire rows with FALSE or #VALUE! in column A. I have the code below which does half the job, it deletes the FALSE rows. What I need now is to delete the #VALUE! rows, but I...
  8. P

    Find & change subsequent duplicates to FALSE

    Hi, all! I have a large sheet with, after a boatload of formulae, a TRUE or FALSE returned in column AZ. I thought I was finished, but apparently there cannot be two TRUEs with the same value in column D. I need a formula to keep the FIRST true event true, and change all the duplicates to...
  9. D

    I want to use SUMPRODUCT with multiple criteria

    Excel WorkbookYZAA2GROUPVALUE3A234B455C236D67A788B69G710D4411E121213A14B15C16current formula:1751718desired formula:#N/AI'm sure this has been asked before, but I've searched and searched and not found anything... Basically I want to create a sumproduct formula which uses multiple criteria...
  10. S

    Pivot Table References Sharepoint List - % True

    Hi, I have a pivot table that references a SharePoint list. In the sharepoint list, there are checkboxes which export to Excel as TRUE or FALSE depending on whether they are checked or not. For a given pivot table column, I am trying to calculate the % of the data total that are displayed as...
  11. A

    VBA equaivalent of worksheet functions

    Hi, new to using excel VBA and struggling... Is there a VBA equivalent to this formula? =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("mytext",A3, 1)),"good","bad") I have defined a range in VBA and need to create a VB module to do check the range for certain text and based on the result output the true or false...
  12. J

    Compare 2 strings with Boolean search

    I am a newbie to VBA and am attempting to create a function which will a) Compare 1 cell with a string to another cell with a string such that b) If ANY of the characters in Cell1 are contained in Cell 2, a "true" result is provided, else "false." Example 1: evaluates whether any of the...
  13. J

    Checking if values appear in a master list

    Are there any functions that check an array for values drawn from another array, then output a true/false array with the results? eg. Check For_____Master List_____ Output Jack _________ Bill ____________ FALSE Jill ___________ Marty __________ FALSE...
  14. guamlet

    Get a Listbox to display yes/no values

    I have a 10 column listbox that is in a subform. The listbox is linked to a query that has mostly numeric fields, but also a few yes/no fields in the forms of checkboxes. The listbox is currently returning "-1" for a checked box (meaning "True") and "0" for an unchecked box (meaning "False")...

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