1. J

    vba code

    I have a userform with this table and I want a VBA code that when i choose 'Abuyog' as a branch for my combobox, it will appear to the rows where abuyog branch placed.. <tbody> Average Branch Start Date End Date Abuyog Ajug Alang-alang Alegria Alicia Allen...
  2. R

    How to Limit my countifs based on rows

    Hi Everyone, I been banging my head over 2 days trying to figure out how to forecast the amount of sensors. The data I have has column B (Locations) But this location doubles up based on the different branch it has. So some location can have up to 10 entries. from C to AC are dates that each...
  3. M

    Filter a Table based on contents in a different cell

    I am using excel to create an email message with a lot of data points from an excel table. I've got a 2nd table of info that I want to append at the end. The data in the email message is based off the Branch ID, when I use the drop down to change the Branch ID, the form updates. I would like my...
  4. J

    RANK by two columns to exclude rows with a specific cell value in a third column

    <tbody> A B C D 1 BRANCH CLIENT FILECNT RANK 2 12 ABRE01 50 1 3 12 AEVA01 45 2 4 12 NIEX01 46 5 12 NIEX02 47 6 12 CAI00 29 3 7 32 ABRE02 15 3 8 32 AEVA01 45 1 9 32 NIEX05 9 10 32 NIEX07 47 11 32 CAVI00 40 2...
  5. M

    Conditional Formatting - highlight row based on cell not containing text

    I hope someone can help me as I'm getting a real headache from this one! I have a report from a supplier that contains branch codes - I want to apply a few rules to highlight (grey-out) branches that aren't relevant; all the branches we are interested in start with Q94 followed by another 4 or...
  6. K

    Create Dashboard for my Organization

    Hello Friends My name is Kaustubh Patel and this is my first post in this forum. First of all thanks for creating such a beautiful and helpful community. Please note, I am not an excel or VBA expert but with the help of Google, I learned how to create and edit basic VBA code. Now coming to my...
  7. M

    compare and color code

    I just want to compare the number in report A column G to numbers in report B row 7 and use a color code when the numbers do not match. What is the best function to do this without opening the tow reports at the same time all the times. Thank you for your help and time! Report A <tbody>...
  8. M

    Combine adding numbers and color formatting

    I just want to add a total amount for region East, Branch 1 and product 1 only for the months highlighted in blues. The result is shown in a different workbook (A), but the data/ information is saved in a different workbook (B). I want the result to be shown in workbook A whether workbook B is...
  9. M

    3 related long lists in Comboboxes without Dublicate and Blanks, VBA

    Need help from excel masters, I have a userform enclude 3 comboboxes, and I have 3 columns (A) for Branches (B) for Departments and (C) for Names A2:c5000 the 3 lists are related and has duplicate and some blanks, what I want to do that when I choose a branch name in first combobox I want to...
  10. H

    Macro to extract 2 items for each branch

    I have data in Col A to Z from row2 onwards on sheet3 I have branch names in Col Y I would like a macro to extract the first two items for each branch (data in Col A:Z) , except BR10 and paste these in row2 onwards on sheet4 Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  11. N

    Help on Formula

    I have this table and it uses a lookup to work out "Report" column. However I need to expand the Vlookup to change the results to read the figures in the "Basis" column when the exceptions occur <colgroup><col><col...
  12. S

    VLOOKUP instead of GETPIVOT

    Good morning, I have a rather large data source file with a large pivot table. In another file, I need to pull several pieces of information in order for a macro to work. The problem I am having is that the volume of GETPIVOT formulas I currently have are really bogging everything down. The...
  13. R

    Need to macro to filter blanks and update text

    Hi all, I need a macro with the following requirements. 1. I need to filter blanks in columns U and update those blanks as BRANCH. 2. I need to paste as blanks only for the used range in a column :)
  14. B

    Routine for the cursor and scroll position and also hide the blank rows.

    Hi Excel Gurus, Once again I am very much thankful to this community due to which I learned a lot. I am stuck in the current routine although it is not giving any error and executing but its not hiding the rows as mentioned which are blank has no data. To be more precise I have selected the...
  15. C

    Formula for if L21 equals column AC then return value in AD to K21

    Fun times here. I have a Branch name in Column L21(which is a formula taking a branch name selected from Column C14 (drop down to select other branches) but always start in L21. I need Column L21 to look at Column AC2:AC40 and if a match then take what is in column AD (depending on where it...
  16. S

    Search based on a condition

    I have the following code to find the maximum and minimum time for a person and display the results. The problem is when l run the code its giving me results for everyone not a single person l want Sub Saving() Dim personname As String Dim finalrow As Integer Dim i As Integer Dim newSheet As...
  17. H

    Combine formula into one formula

    I have the branch names in Col A and the criteria in U6 I want to sum the values in Col Q & R, based on the branch names in Col A pertaining to the branch name in U6 =SUMIFS(Q:Q,A:A,U6)+SUMIFS(R:R,A:A,U6) the above formula gives me the correct result, but I would like to make combine the...
  18. B

    If text found in column write a different text(label) to a different column

    So I have a list of network addresses (IPv4). I need to add a label for these subnets. My legend will look like this: = Corp Data VLAN = Corp Voice VLAN = VPN VLAN = Baltimore Branch Data VLAN = Baltimore Branch Voice VLAN = DC Branch...
  19. SelinaR

    Multiple Calculations for each Branch separately on one sheet....

    Afternoon, I am looking for advice or suggestions. I work on an annual leave tracker over various branches in the state and am looking for the most effective way of calculating leave availability balances against various leave codes plotted in with a Macro. I am using a current format where...
  20. L

    Combining Data Sets

    I have two sets of data which have a common field but also a unique item which I would like to combine into one data set. EG. Branch A has: Branch B has: Item# Qty Item # Qty 1 2 1 3 2 5...

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