1. O

    Code to delete unused cropped region

    Hi there, My goal is to delete the cropped space of images that is currently unused. That is, after an image has been cropped, I want to use "compress picture" function in excel/word/powerpoint to batch process this over multiple files. My problem is that I can do this just fine in excel...
  2. M

    Database totals as I select filter

    Hi all, Got a quick question whether its possible to include totals in my database according to the drop-down I select. I currently have a database that have 4 different variables and another tab that brings me a P&L view using sumifs according to the chosen variables. There's a drop-down...
  3. gmooney

    Pivot Table Calculation for Sub Totals

    I have the below pivot table with 2 value columns that I need for any subtotals (in this example Romaine Leaves is the sub total of the 5 rows) to calculate the weighted average of the 5 rows (the math for this is the 3 columns to the right of the pivot table. Instead of 10.9 showing for Average...
  4. A

    code compare values of columns into two sheets and result in another sheet

    hi, everyone i would code to show difference values between columns into two sheets and show the result in another sheet for more explanation sheet1: <tbody> ITEM BRAND TYPE ORIGIN QUNTITY 1 10.00-16 8PR FSM THI 7 2 10-18 10PR FG FG *** 10 3 10-16.5 8PR FG INDO 20 </tbody>...
  5. A

    code show warning message about brands

    hello i have data in sheet1 begins range from a2:c10 and userform contains 3 textbox the column c contain values when i fill data in textbox3 and press enter i would show the message " avalible is 200 or 300 or500.etc if the entered number in textbo3 more than what in column c my...
  6. S

    VBA to count

    <tbody> c m brand 1 2 brand 4 1 brand 4 1 brand 1 3 brand 7 1 </tbody>...
  7. A

    code consolidate data from multiple sheets to one sheet

    hi, guys i'd like code works to consodilate data from multible sheets to one sheet i have sheets1,2,3,4,5 the data columns a,b,c,d in all sheets what i would be showing data in sheet5 but the column d contains brand is formula like this sheets5=(sheet1+sheet2+sheet4)-sheet3 and...
  8. R

    Using SUMPRODUCT to SUM a Defined Range

    Hi all! Was hoping someone might have some more insight into how I can leverage named ranges and SUMPRODUCT. My objective is to create a business score card that contains subcategories within overall brands. So, for example, think about Brand X containing items in Subcategory A, B, and C...
  9. D

    Data categorizing macro

    Hello all, I am very new to VBA and apologize in advance for the 'simple' question. I am working with thousands of rows of data in a pivot table data sheet where there are 8 categories as shown: <tbody> Month Product ID Product name Sales Rep Product Category Product Brand Quantity Value...
  10. D

    Intelligent autofill based on cell values.

    Hello, I have built a sales report dashboard which is to be updated monthly with around 2000 rows of input. The data I input has the following categories/columns: Date | Sales rep | Product | Quantity | Value | Product category | Brand. Sadly, the company's software does not export the...
  11. R

    Looking for a way to allocate values according to a percentage split, plus a couple other variables in VBA

    Hello everybody! (HI DR. NICK!) I'm after a semi-intelligent automated solution to a manual task one of our directors does, he goes through a list of 1,000 clients each week and assigns a brand to them based off a bunch of variables and calculations he performs -imperfectly- on the spot. On...
  12. K

    Formula help with tracking warranty

    Hi all, I'm hoping that I can get some help with a formula on a spreadsheet. I'm creating an excel that tracks return products base on the serial number. Here is the layout of the spreadsheet. Sheet 1: Serial Number A = Customer Name B = Brand C = Products Code D = Serial Number E = Date Sold...
  13. K

    VBA listbox that makes single slicer selection

    Dear community, I am very new to VBA, and my request might be basic but I struggled to find clear instruction on how to do it... I am building a macro that creates a Powerpoint presentation for each slicer selction (slicer is connected to multiple tables and views). Only 1 slicer where I have...
  14. D

    Datedif with several entries

    Hi, I have been scratching my head for some time now trying to figure out how to layout my table structure. I have one table that gets data of sales imported from several databases manually but salesperson is a related key so now connected to a second table to track if the salesperson is a...
  15. P

    Excel Data clean up for Pivot table

    Dear All, I have a three table of data which I would like to use Pivot table to see the sales or qty or price by brand, group,product and date. However, it is not use friendly yet so what is the best way to convert them into a pivot table use friendly data? Or do I use power BI or Power Pivot...
  16. E

    Vlookup with 2 criteria

    I need help with a formula to look in a chart & (1) identify brand, (2) determine if a date is between to dates, and (3) return a value of a corresponding event. Here is a snapshot of the data: <tbody> Brand (Col. A) Event (Col. B) start (Col. C) end (Col. D) Brand A Winter Clearance...
  17. E

    Assigning value based on date range & another criteria

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help me. I have a chart that lists dates of two brands and some events that run each year for past 2 years. In another tab I have a list of dates between the two brands. I want to first, identify the brand, then if the date falls between the date ranges of a certain...
  18. Z

    Count num. of customers with sales grand total >=100

    Hi, Can you help me with the creation of custom measurement that would count number of customers that have Grand total sales greater than 100$ I created this measurement, that count active customers per Sales person and brand if net sales per brand is greater that 0...
  19. T

    Copy Entire row when one cell equals something

    hey guys....I am very new to programming in Excel. Here is the scoop...I have lots of data results that I need to organize monthly. I need a Macro or VBA so when a cell says something it copies the whole row over to a new sheet. Here is the kicker. I have 54 separate sheets based on 54...
  20. S

    =SUMPRODUCT not working

    Hi folks, I'm trying to add up the figures from a data dump that are a certain Brand, Warehouse, and Receipt Month. I know my arrays named Brand, Warehouse, Receipt Month and Rec Units are all the correct matching sizes. Any idea why this formula returns "#VALUE!" ...

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