1. I

    Conditional formatting matching more than one criteria

    Hi All I have been struggling with this one. I can do it if its a duplicate but not with different criteria. Basically I need to get a formula, preferably using conditional format ( so it colours the rows) I want it highlighting if as example Mr Jones had bread, doughnuts, and cake in the same...
  2. H

    Automatically transpose values that are connected to the same description into columns

    I have a product listing that contains a number of items that are of the same type. Each product has a photo associated with it that I would like listed in columns rather than in rows. I know I can transpose the values manually, but I'm looking for a way to automate the whole listing sorting by...
  3. A

    Merging multiple cells with content

    I haven't been here for a long time but you guys have helped me in the past immensely when I was building an excel based text analysis tool (see I am now busy with something else text based and need more help. Given a table with...
  4. M

    Loop through multiple columns and transposing data

    Hi there, I have some data which is in the below format. I'd like to manipulate this so it looks like the second table. However I'm having some trouble with my loop where I can only run it for client 1, and can't figure out how to add client 2 and 3 to the column K with the respective...
  5. J

    look up 2 criteria and return column header

    So, in my head, this is a little different that a standard Index/Match formula.. I have a name in one column and an answer in another column... the column headers have numbers in each.. What I'm trying to do is match the name, and the answer, and then tell me what the column header is...
  6. N

    Sort Contents Of Cell

    Is there a way to sort contents of a cell in alphabetical order? Each value that need to be sorted is seperated by , (comma space). EXAMPLE IN COLUMN E: RICE, CHEERIES, BANANAS, CUCUMBERS, BREAD WANTED RESULTS IN COLUMN E: BANANAS, BREAD, CHERRIES, CUCUMBERS, RICE
  7. S

    How to convert column A to header

    Hello, I am trying to Transpose and entire worksheet with repeated values in column A (4 repeating columns) and I want to transpose this (corresponding text value in column B) to rows (of 4 cells). I have thousands, so can't repeatedly copy and paste using the Transpose paste feature. Is there...
  8. E

    How do you grab the date?

    Hi, How would you get Column B from Column A? <tbody> Col A Col B List Date 15-Nov-17 15-Nov-17 Bread 15-Nov-17 Apples 15-Nov-17 Bananas 15-Nov-17 16-Nov-17 16-Nov-17 Eggs 16-Nov-17 Bread 16-Nov-17 17-Nov-17 17-Nov-17 Bananas 17-Nov-17 </tbody>...
  9. S

    The bakery problem

    I'm working an a bakery as an accountant. Kinda. We get the order from the shops, calculate the total for each kind of bread, croissant (there are 70 sorts of them) and send them to the bakers to make the bread. We also have to input this data in our accountant software, we have to 'bake' the...

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