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    Run-Time Error 1004 when Stopping Application.OnTime Procedure

    I wrote a macro that allows a user to time the duration of their call through a UserForm, while they continue to enter data about their call on an excel sheet. Most of the time the macro works perfectly but occasionally (randomly it seems) I get an error when attempting to pause/stop the OnTime...
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    Code runs in break mode, but not otherwise!

    Hi all, I have a code that is replacing hyperlinks to open word documents on a networked document as everyone has a unique identifier for the initial drive on the network. For example, I am on the H drive, but the same document for a colleague is on the N drive. I've created a range in excel...
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    Get to know if in Break-Mode and/or on what line?

    Is there a way to know programmatically that we are in BreakMode and maybe even know on what line? I found out that using apostrophes one can start OnTime with parameters and not having the error "Can't execute code in break mode". Application.OnTime now, "'MySub " & now & "'" This will...
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    Pivot Table refresh only works in debug mode..!?

    Hi all, I have a workbook which contains a link to an external SQL procedure to bring in data. The user will select parameters in the spreadsheet and run the macro to retrieve the data and then will be shown a pivot table of the results. The data actually goes initially into a normal table...
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    Break Mode message

    I'm currently working on some VBA code and I'm getting a strange "can't execute code in break mode" error. The macro runs fine in excel, but the problem arises when I try debugging it with VBA. Any time I step past a line selecting a different sheet or adding a new one this message box appears...
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    Delete OLEObjects in Break Mode

    Hi, I am writing some code that will create random data which will be used in a specific sheet to calculate certain values using the cell formulas. This sheet will be copied as many times as necessary to input the numbers generated (The code will generate a different set of numbers for a...

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