1. countryfan_nt

    Insert Page Break every 35 rows; unless there is a number in C cell, the PB in row above.

    Hi! Thank you for your kind time. Can you please help with a VBA code that page breaks the rows of sheet "Report". A. PB Every 35 rows. The rows range is Row 1:600. B. If the row that will have a Page Break has data in the C column (current row). The page break will take place in the upper...
  2. V

    Need help on MS access calculated field Dsum

    Hi Experts, Need your help on creating a calculated field in MS access query. I have 3 Tables Headcount, Attendance & Break data, Training & Meeting Headcount table has staff wise date and shift intime against which i need the staff wise date wise available hours and Break hours duration...
  3. S

    Ignore text in formula

    Need to sum and multiply in a time sheet style formula and ignore text =SUM((K26-H26)+(I26-J26))*24 Columns are Time In, Time Out, Break in, Break Out I'd like to put either a - or n/a if they do not take a break and then sum their hours.
  4. V

    Charting issues

    Hi. there are lots of videos online teaching gantt chart with scheduling (by hours and minutes). but I haven't found anything about inserting break hour (lunch hour) Is this doable? can anyone guide me where to find it? Thanks
  5. L

    if, iferror in vlooup

    Hi Why this formula is working =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A2,B:B,1,FALSE)),B2,"") I tried to use Iserror(function) without second argument and excel did not accept that but the above function works! can you please break it down. I tried to do it myself and never get it work! thank you. Source...
  6. W

    Predict break even

    Hi. I have a column of monthly total costs & a column of monthly total takings from a vending machine our social fund has. Can anyone suggest a formula that could predict the date of break even? Regards
  7. J

    Killing External links

    I have Excel 2016. Occasionally I have a difficult time breaking external links. My process is as follows: Data - Edit Link - Break link. If link is not broken then I delete any "named" ranges referencing an external files, and then Data - Edit Link - Break link again. Most of the time this...
  8. W

    excel VBA

    Hello guys I am working on a break schedule for work and I am have a hard time with it I need to take the employee start work time add 2 hours for their first break 4 hours for their lunch and 6 hours for their last break. also I need it to look to see if there is anyone else on break at...
  9. F

    Auto deduct break from total working hours

    Hi, Can anyone please help me. I want to auto deduct break from total working hours base on several situation. 1) Monday - Friday - 0.5 for =>3hours - 1.0 for =>6hours 2) Saturday - Sunday - 0.5 for =>6hours - 1.0 for =>8hours 3) Public Holiday - 0.5 for =>6hours...
  10. C

    Debugging Adding a ListBox to a Worksheet - cannot use Break Mode

    I was going to develop a UserForm but decided that just adding a ListBox to the Worksheet would be simpler. I have a decent reference book to help me but I'm finding it is a bit outdated. I've placed my code below. The first line does not allow me to go into Break Mode. So I can only debug by...
  11. Z

    calculate time included break

    hi, I have datetime in cells A1:D1 A1: 2018-12-03 06:00 (day work start); A2: 2018-12-03 10:00 (breakfast break start); A3: 2018-12-03 11:00 (breakfast break stop); A4: 2018-12-03 15:00 (day work stop); So normally this is 9hrs work day with 1hr break included. The workers are payed for 8hrs...
  12. G

    SharePoint url

    Hello I need an if then or else statement that will check an https:// SharePoint url to see if a file exists. If it does, then a msgbox that will ask if you would like to overwrite. If not then exit Sub. The problem I'm experiencing here is: Url access to SharePoint does not require a...
  13. T

    VBA consolidation of data

    Good afternoon everybody I have a very large table (14000 rows) of contract data, an extract of which I've simplified here. Each row in that table has a contract identifier ("ID") which may or may not be unique, depending on the complexity of the contract. Within each row, there may or may not...
  14. S

    [VBA] Terminate the displayed message box without pressing any buttons

    Hi, Is it possible to terminate a pop-up message box, by using something like Ctrl + Break, without clicking on "Yes", "No", "Cancel" etc... buttons ? I have a command button on an userform. When it is clicked, a message box would pop-up. However, pressing Esc / Ctrl + Break seem not working to...
  15. A

    Report page break

    Can we set page break in access if yes kindly guide about it Thanks in advance ?
  16. L

    multi column address data base i would like to break down

    I have a large multi column address data base i would like to break down into county groups by loading in lists of the individual municipalities. how do i write a reusable function/formula in excel that mimics this query? "city" contains Arkport OR Atlanta OR Avoca OR Cohocton OR Dansville OR...
  17. L

    clearing the whole sheet except first row

    Hi The code below is to clear the whole sheet except the first row. Rows("2:"& Rows.Count).ClearContents I am unable to understand it. I would appreciate it if you can break it down so I can understand the logic behind it. Thank you so much
  18. C

    Text to column formulas with multiple line break delimiters

    Hi All, I am looking for some assistance with developing a formula to break up a cell into multiple columns. I have 4 lines to the cell. i need to combine line 1 and 2, break up line 3 into 3 separate cells and then delete the 4th line. I am looking for a formula as I am working on a template...
  19. G

    conditional formatting issue

    I am trying to utilize a break gap spreadsheet and add conditional formatting to it to highlight when an employee takes their break within a window of time and for the CF to color highlight anyone outside of the specific threshold of time. example: employee's 1st break is scheduled at 7:00...
  20. S

    Break links (changing links to values) while keeping the rest of the formula

    Hello folks, Is there a way to Break links (changing links to values) while keeping the rest of the formula? Example: Before: =[File1.xlsm]Sheet1!A1 * B1 = 5 * 1,01 = 5.05 After: =5 * B1 = 5 * 1,01 = 5.05 My objective is that I might want to change cell B1 afterwards. Thanks you for your...

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