1. M

    RANK(SUMPRODUCT Unique Ranking With Tie Breaker Problem

    Hi there... I am having a bit of trouble with the formula below which is intended to provide a unique (no duplicates) ranking of Productivity scores (highest to lowest) using another metric as tie breaker as needed (lowest Score is best). The formula is used in cells AM7:AM31 and the tie...
  2. D

    Rank lowest to highest with tie breaker

    I'm trying to create a formula to rank the following from lowest to highest with a tie breaker. So far I've come up with this: =RANK(X2,X$2:$X21,0) but it does not work and does not account for a tie. Column X <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 0.17 3.33 2.50 0.83 0.58 3.33 1.00...
  3. T

    Password breaker

    Have any of you come across a password breaker that can unlock single sheets in a workbook? I have a large workbook from a previous project, several years ago that I have password protected. There are over 150 sheets in the workbook, each sheet is protected individually. I have run the common...
  4. M

    Conditional Ranking

    Hi. I am trying to rank a range of cells base on certain criteria: Criteria 1 - No ties using column G as the tie breaker. Criteria 2 - Do not rank the columns that state "Not Qualified" Here is my current formula: RANK(AJ9,AJ$9:AJ$18)+SUMPRODUCT(--($AJ$9:$AJ$18=AJ9),--($G$9:$G$18>G9)) G...
  5. E

    Inserting numeric cell value into cell containing text.

    Good morning, I am working on a LOTO project. I have a cell with the location of my circuit breaker that has the following contents: 23, 25, 27. This circuit breaker information is located in cell E2 of my spreadsheet. The cell I would like to insert E2's contents into has the following...

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