1. J

    Build an excel formula from contents of other cells?

    What I'd like to do, is build something like: =1>2, which would of course evaluate out to FALSE. I don't want to just type that into a cell, though. I'd like to be able to have two cells, where one contains "1" and the other contains ">2". Then, as part of a formula in another cell, I want...
  2. R

    Distributing an average across cells

    <tbody> read Desired result 35 35 65 30 10 10 95 10 </tbody> I am not sure if this is possible, but I am trying to build a sheet that will spread a total across multiple cells if blank. In the example above column "A" represents an instrument reading that is taken...
  3. C

    Help with Scheduling fomulas

    I am trying to build a schedule for work for the employees to know what days they have on and off. I've currently built a test schedule so I can make sure we have enough manning on schedule and would like to be able to build this for the whole year. The attached file only has a couple months on...
  4. F

    Help me to Build Formula

    Help me to Build Formula example Column A Column B 8 42 9 10 12 i want to copy in column B the value of parallel cell if the value in col A is 9 then in col B it should 9. want to copy the formula down to get desire result.
  5. P

    Macro - Copy/Paste, Remove duplicates

    I need to setup a marco that will copy column C in ws "DeptXref" and paste it into ws "Table Build" column D with only the first four numbers and then remove duplicates. Thanks
  6. N

    Build a formula from a string

    How do I build a formula from a string? Lets say I have 10 user defined functions... (sam, fred, mary,...) and I want to build the formula in the spreadsheet. I can use a data validated cell to limit the function to the list of UDF's. Then I want to create the formula as a string...
  7. G

    Build up an array of workbooks

    I have a userform with tick boxes (chk1, chk2 and chk3) for three named worksheets. I wish to export as a group whichever worksheets are chosen. What is the best way to build up an array or worksheets based upon the boxes that have been checked? Any help will be most gratefully received.
  8. L33

    Personal macro buttons not working on latest build of O365 Excel (Version 1707 Build 8326.2076)

    Hi, My company has Office 365 E5 subscriptions for all it's staff, but as this is a recent thing only a few people have so far been given access to obtain the latest updates from Microsoft. I'm in this small group, but believe I'm the only one who uses Excel extensively, including the use of a...
  9. C

    odd error message

    the table contains a string that is too long for excel to display. if you edit the long value some data might be lost Does anyone know what this is? I dont know what happened, I have been building a spreadsheet for a few weeks now and everything was running smooth. Randomly during this versions...
  10. K

    Merge tables from many worksheets into one admin worksheet

    I want to build admin worksheet that contain one big table crated from many other tables in other excels files. How should I go about it? How to link many tables into one without blanks and lost of data? Info: - All tables have the same headings. - All tables contain different number of rows...
  11. E

    Query to Multiply to two Measures in a table

    I am trying to write a Make Table query that pulls in all the fields from another table but multiplies two meaures to create a new measure. Below is the table I am using for this query. I want to multiply "Average NB Written Premium" by "Ultimate NB Policy Count." I know I have to use the...
  12. F

    text only: build a search on three y/n variables then change result for combination of returns

    how do I write 3 columns of "find text" arrays, which include phrases and singular words, which must be preserved or found exactly? How do I return the search/sort so that if A1=instance yes then "xxx", if no then test B1 if B1=instance yes then "xyz", if no then test C1 if C1=instance yes...

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