1. D

    Excel (2007) Web Query data -- how to stop annoying script errors in the built-in browser?

    When I click the Data...From Web option in Excel 2007, it launches an internal "browser" that I'm supposed to use to navigate to the site that I want to grab data from. The problem is that this built-in browser uses MSN.com as its default "home" page, and it generates several (sometimes 5+)...
  2. pbornemeier

    How return built-in constant value from its name

    Cell A1 contains the string: rgbAliceBlue rgbAliceBlue is a built-in VBA constant with the numeric value of 16775408 In the VBE Immediate window if I enter ?rgbAliceBlue it shows the value: 16775408 Application.Evaluate("rgbAliceBlue") returns Error 2029 - Type mismatch How can I extract...
  3. G

    Syntax inside a class module to call a built-in function

    Hi! I'm working on a class for managing two dates. Right now I need a very simple WeekDay function, with the following syntax: oMyObject.WeekDay(dDate As Date) As Long The method looks, not very surprisingly, like this: Private Function WeekDay(dDate As Date) WeekDay = WeekDay(dDate...
  4. A

    VBA code for Excel Solver

    Hi, I was sure that somebody posted VBA code in this Forum that functioned equivalently to the built-in Excel Solver in Excel. Can somebody point me to that thread or repost that VBA code? Thanks, Art
  5. V

    Excel Built-in Functions Code Behind Them

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to see the code of the excel built-in functions? Are these functions written on VB language? If not, is there anyway to see how are they built? Regards, Verysheyn
  6. M

    How to delete a theme from a file

    I was given a file to edit. This file was created with a theme "Classic Office 2" using Arial fonts. I cannot copy and insert new lines into the file. How do I edit the theme or delete this theme in order to get an editable file?
  7. M

    vba excel built-in object question

    All- When I type Worksheets("Sheet1") into the vba ide editor the intelisense shows "_Default(Index) as Object". My question for everyone is if worksheets are built-in objects then why can't you drill into built-in objects and get intelisense help. For example, we all know the Range object...

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